Fierce feline who terrorized Oregon family stumps ‘My Cat From Hell’ TV show host


In what truly epitomized the title of his
TV show, “My Cat From Hell,” feline behavioristJackson Galaxy is calling his attempt to tame
the Portland cat notorious for attacking ababy and boxing his panicked owners into a
bedroom “the hardest case I have ever worked. “It got more difficult after the happy ending
for the cat named Lux soon unraveled. In thereality show that aired last weekend, Galaxy
persuades another Portland couple to takeLux while the cat is treated with antidepressants
and anti-seizure medication. A veterinariandiagnosed Lux with feline hyper-esthesia syndrome,
which can trigger violent behavior. But afterthe episode’s taping, Lux attacked his new
guardians and they gave him up for their ownsafety. “It was the worst letdown,” Galaxy
told The Associated Press on Tuesday. “I don’tthink I’ve ever had a bigger shock. This is
the hardest case I have ever worked. ” Buttake heart, Lux supporters. The 4-year-old
cat has become Galaxy’s buddy, and the realitystar says he hasn’t given up. He’s placed
Lux in a veterinary clinic where the cat receivesmedication while undergoing treatment to try
to identify what turns this feline Dr. Jekyllinto Mr. Hyde. Lux became one of the most
notorious cats in pet history after his ownercalled 911 on March 9 as the cat terrorized
his family. Lee Palmer told dispatchers Luxhad scratched his son’s head and was out of
control. The family barricaded themselvesin a bedroom, and Lux could be heard screeching
menacingly in the background. Galaxy set upa series of meetings with Lux and his owners,
who did not return messages seeking comment. The episode shown Saturday demonstrated the
difficulty in solving the puzzle that is Lux. In their first encounter, Galaxy walks into
a bedroom where the cat’s fearful owners havesequestered him. Galaxy sees Lux peeking out
from behind a box. The cat’s eyes are dilated,a sign of distress. He growls. After making
eye contact at the cat’s level and offeringtreats, Galaxy is able to pick up Lux and
put him on his lap. The cat returns Galaxy’saffection as the tattooed TV host pets him.
“I do not see a vicious cat,” Galaxy says. “I do not see a killer. ” In the show, Galaxy
temporarily puts Lux in the care of anothercouple to see whether the cat would be violent
in a different home. Lux attacked one of itsnew owners. A Portland veterinarian suggests
Lux be medicated, and the new owners agreeto take Lux back. At first, it went well.
But after the show wrapped, the couple calledGalaxy to say the cat had several violent
episodes. Galaxy said the cat was a dangerto them and he understands why they couldn’t
keep him. Despite the outbursts, everyoneseems to fall for Lux, a long-haired cat with
a sweet face. That’s the case for Galaxy,who has dealt with thousands of difficult
cats. “I fell in love with him the secondI met him,” Galaxy said. “He’s the sweetest
boy in the world. ” The reality star has madesaving Lux from euthanasia his personal crusade.
The cat is at a clinic — Galaxy won’t divulgethe location — where specialists are trying
to better understand the complicated feline. Galaxy works with them on treatment, and it’s
going well so far. The medication is startingto work. Staff members at the clinic put Lux
in different social situations to see howhe responds. Galaxy hopes they can modify
Lux’s behavior so the cat can someday finda home. “I’m going to keep working with this
cat,” Galaxy said. “I’ve got to be sure Igive him the best shot. “

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