Foods Cats Can Eat


Foods Cats Can Eat

 Just like dogs, cats can eat certain human foods and there are other human foods that are off limits to cats. If you are not sure which human foods are safe for cats, you need to talk with your veterinarian and you can also read pet health articles and books on this topic. Here are a few human foods cats can eat.

 Raw Meats

 You can give your cat raw meats and raw fish to cats because they generally are immune to developing bacterial foodborne illnesses such as salmonella. However, the cat should not eat too much raw food because it could cause digestive issues. You want to give the cat raw foods as well as cooked foods during the week.

Foods You Should Never Give Cats

 The following foods you should never give your cat include onions, chocolate, cooked bones, apricots, grapes or raisins. These foods are toxic for cats and they could cause allergic reactions or possibly a fatal heart attack.

Foods That Benefit Diabetic Cats

 If your cat is diabetic, you should feed him human food that is high in protein and fiber and low in carbohydrates. These foods include lean proteins. You should also give diabetic cats foods that are low in carbohydrates, sugar and sodium since these could spike the cat’s blood sugar levels.

Homemade Cat Food Ideas

 One idea is to place a third cup of ground beef with a few teaspoons of sodium-free beef broth in a pot and let it simmer for fifteen to twenty minutes. Let the food cool off for ten minutes then serve to the cat. Another idea is to serve the cat a few tiny pieces of shredded turkey and rice with a thrird cup of sodium-free chicken broth, and you can feed the cat chopped vegetables and shrimp if you are putting the cat on a diet.

Best Foods for Cats With Kidney Disease

 When cats eat an overload of proteins, it aggravates kidney disease so when feeding your cat who has kidney disease, you want to reduce his protein intake. Other good foods for cats with kidney disease include eggs, brown rice, vegetables and fruits except grapes and raisins. Kidney beans, parsnips and cottage cheese are also great for cats with this disease.


 You want your cat to have the best nutrition possible and you can do this by giving him cat food and human food.  Before you prepare certain recipes for the cat you want to meet with the veterinarian to determine if the ingredients are safe for the cats to eat.  You can also get suggestions from others on the best cat food recipes. There are also pet health magazines you can read on this topic. Never overfeed your cat because this causes obesity and when a cat is obese, his metabolism decreases and he is at risk for developing heart problems. Finally, if your cat is not eating certain foods, take note of it and alert the veterinarian.

The best food for a cat is what it would naturally in the wild and that is small rodents, birds and mammals and the cat would eat these raw including the skeleton.



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