Freddie The Diabetic Cat


Susan talks about Freddie the diabetic cat, that she looks after. We always recommend a high protein low carbohydrate diet and home testing to determine the correct insulin dosage to manage the current state. This is what happened when Susan started the correct regime for Freddie.

“Started out grossly obese at 22 lbs (he’s not otherwise a large cat), diabetic with a constantly heady shedding thick, dense, faded coat and weepy, inflamed eyes and flakey dander all over the place.

On 2 u of insulin with 1/2 can twice daily of very high protein, very low carb grain free food, no more dry overnight, he’s losing steadily. Down to 19.7 today. Even before this loss, his coat is no longer shedding much at all, no more flaking skin, no more drippineess, crud under his eyes, and his coat has a nice, smooth texture instead of being all dry, faded with gobs of his hair everywhere. He’s more energetic, alert, affectionate, playful and still way too fat. This is going to take a while, because he needs to lose like another 4 lbs or so.

Will recheck him with a day at the animal hospital at the end of the month or early November to see if he’s in remission and can come off of insulin as expected, since we got him under control in record time, according to the vet.”

We’ve always maintained that the current diabetic epidemic is a result of high carbohydrate dry food and a couch potato lifestyle. Once you take the cat back to the natural diet that Mother Nature has prescribed and start exercising, you will be surprised how quickly the cat can go into remission. Cats were never meant to eat a high carbohydrate diet. It just baffles me where these manufacturers get their ‘experts’ from. The improvement we have seen in Freddie the diabetic cat  is nothing unusual. Unless there are complications the regimen is the same for all new cases.

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