Funny Cat Compilation – Have A Look At The Funniest Ragdoll Cats On The Web!


cherry coca-cola up here for recycling
so I threw the ice cube inside of thebox and I ran to get my camera he’s
telling it is JK is rudeso I just got back from shopping andguilty party that started this is over
here he that green bag is my purse thatI take around and Charlie initially
grabbed the tampon out of my purse andthen Trigg heard him playing so he came
downstairs to see what was going on andhas been having a ball with the tampon
out ever since it’s the ragdoll flop youdid yet ready goTony so this might look like a normal
suitcase but I didn’t know that someonehad found a little home inside of here
let’s see if we can get him to revealhimselfso trick started this game he got into
the suitcase with the lid closed withoutme being in the room and then made
himself known about five minutes afterI’d been in the room and then Charlie
came to five chickie there’s like no waynow GEand then I went to go do something and I
wasn’t paying attention to him and Iturned around and there is water all
over the mirror just all over like he’snot doing it yeah but he tries to bite
it he thinks it’s a string so funny mmmhe takes a bite I can’t imagine what
it’s like to bite water he also hassticking this whole head underneath it
and that’s why there was water all overthe mierqis he would shake his head cuz
it was waygood name chemists be nice poor toadthis is something I started as a kitten
I’m sorry but all cats pretty much wouldlike to do this I don’t know why but
started with rags and then I’ve done itwith Murphy and Camus of course just
watching trig and not through the screensorry about that Charlie Charlie go get
hungry what it’s past noon whoo whoowhoo and past New Jersey get up whoo
where’s that face why are you hiding theface word Oh dirtiest thanks Willie are
you gonna get up now let’s go outsideokay today we’re going to do a video
where we rap Camus so not that you guyswill witness this part but I’m gonna rap
Camus and then send a picture of him rapto my mom and say hey I wrapped my
Christmas presentsmy 2014 Christmas gift today is
Charlie’s birthday and it is alsoWednesday which means that we’ve just
got our grocery store ads for the weekand this is a game that I played with
Charlie a long time ago and we continuedto play it so he gets in the sink and
then I take the grocery ad or similarand rub it across his face but we can
sketch the computer skate every in theTVthis may be the best product I’ve ever
tested I’ll never do anything oh my godI’m thinking cute but word Oni begin
those gerbilshere’s on that kid you man bad this is
funnyokay I’m gonna move this out here there
you goI don’t kitchen those Bob don’t scratch
the screen that’s Owens bad side ohshoot I’m gonna do his claws before we
watch more of thisno I could look at a patent no
scratching the screen my friend

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