High Protein Diets For Feline Diabetes


Your veterinary surgeon should recommend high protein diets for feline diabetes. If your vet appears to pay little attention to diet then take my advice and change surgery!

I have mentioned many times before that the best diet for feline diabetes is one that is low carbohydrate and high protein. In fact the closer you can get to a cats natural diet in the wild the better.

When a cat eats a mouse it will eat all of the mouse, including the skeleton. Did you know that a mouse is only about 3% carbohydrate, 40% protein and 50% fat??

But be careful! As not all proteins are equal. Many cat foods contain plant protein and these are never the best choice when feeding a meat eater like your cat.

So why are plant protein used in a lot of cat food? Here’s a great explanation:

“Carbs, including corn, rice potatoe and plant proteins are cheap and meat protein is expensive. Unfortunately , most prescription diets on the market today for diabetic cats have 15-30% carb content and use high levels of plant proteins in their formulations.

Plant proteins are never the best choice when you are feeding a meat eater like your cat and they would never choose them over meat in the wild. Since cats have no nutritional requirement for carbohydrates why anyone would feed them to a diabetic cat is beyond common sense.

Generally speaking of you are able to put yopur cat on a zero carbohydrate formula soon after they are diagnosed, most cats will be off their insulin injections within 12 weeks, often in as little as 5 weeks. You will need to check blood glucose levels of your cat often…”

High protein diets for feline diabetes are essential if your cat is ever going to have any chance of reversing feline diabetes. However, remember home testing is very important because as the diabetes starts to reverse the amount of insulin administered will need to be gradually lowered. This should be carried out jointly with your vet.

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