Homemade Cat Food


Hi everyone. I’m Margaret. —And I’m still
Brooks. —And we want to say thank youso much for helping us get to our first
stretch goal of $10,000. We’re going to make comic now! —Yeah, well not right
now, but later. —We’re going to makecat food now. —Now we’re going to make cat
food. We’re going to show you my homemade,hippie, wet cat food recipe. —Which I refer
to as cheaper and better. Yeah! Yeah, sheloves it. And we do give her dry
food. We give her a hippie, gamesomething whatever dry food. So
you have to make sure they have allthe correction nutrition and everything
like that, so we don’t give her justhomemade food. Okay, so
now we’re going to show you all theingredients that you need to make
homemade, hippie cat food. We need, well, Ripley’s checking for us. She is our
personal assistant. Yeah, okay, thank youmy love. Okay, so we need 1 carrot. I’m
going to wash it and scrub it. Small potatoes. You don’t need a big potato.
—Small potatoes! —And then we just needsome frozen peas. And you can
experiment, you know, but she’s picky, so Idon’t want to waste food, and I know she
likes all these things. Yeah, you’re goingto come check everything out for us? Yes?
I also use bone broth which is superhealthy and has all kinds of
nutrients and all that stuff. Yeah, thankyou, honey. So I used to do—you can, you know, mix itup, what you give to them. I used to do
chicken thighs, but it took me a while tofind out that Ripley doesn’t—nope, don’t chew
on the plastic—Ripley doesn’t like chicken!We found this out because we’d
leave roast chicken out onthe counter, and she’d be like: “Whatever. “
But when Brooks would go to make aturkey sandwich, she’d be like: “Meow meow meow gimme gimme gimme. “Okay, so the turkey we use is an organic,
either no-salt-added or a low sodiumbecause they don’t always have this. Yeah?
She loves plastic, but we don’t feed herplastic. Yeah uh-huh.
Can you can you uh just do another round?I mean, of course she’s going to jump back up.
And then I always add another meat. Sometimes I do salmon like we’re
going to do today. This has salt in itso I’m going to be sure not to add any
salt when I make this because I don’t want her tohave too much salt. It’s not sustainable,
which makes me feel guilty, so we don’talways do it. We avoid tuna because—honey
what’s wrong with tuna? It’s like crack. —Cats get addicted to tuna. —Yeah, but you read that somewhere?Or are you just making that up? —Everything I
know I read somewhere. —Okay so you readit somewhere. So we don’t give her tuna
because it’s like crack. Like actual crack. And then sometimes I’ll do like
chicken liver. Even though shedoesn’t like chicken, she does like
chicken liver. And the other day I didn’t—No. Yeah, well I guess you’re going to
eat them anyway. The other day I didlamb stew meat which is a little pricier,
but it’s still cheaper than canned cat food,and she loved that. And then
you need a pot . . . that she’s getting in. And that is everything you need, right honey?
—Yes. Okay, so now we’re going to add all this stuff together. Okay, so we have
everything chopped. I leave the skinson the potato and the carrot because
it’s full of all kinds of good nutrients,and she doesn’t care. If I was making
this for myself, I would take the skinsoff because I’m a picky eater. —Gross. —Okay, so first we just dump the bone broth in. This brand comes
in different kinds, like flavors, but Ijust get the original because I don’t
know if she won’t like it or not. I’m sorry! Hold on, hold on, I forgot to bring the water over here!Okay, and then I add a little water.
Okay. Hmm okay. And then I add the vegetables. Okay. And the peas. Okay. Now if I had no salt in the salmon,
I would add some salt now, but I’m notgoing to. When I do use
salt, I use Himalayan salt because I’m a hippie. Okay. And then we’re just
going to turn it on. —Turn it on to what? —To cook!—But I mean, how high? —Just, like high. —Facts, woman, I need facts! —Well it’s nottotally high. —You’re totally high. —Stop it!Just some kind of heat that gets it simmering. So when it starts simmering,
you just let it simmer until the carrotsand potatoes get all nice and soft. Okay, so show them the food honey. So everything’s nice and soft. You need to
add a little extra water . . . a little more. You want to make sure there’s plenty of waterOh! It’s hot! Hot!
You want to make sure there’s plenty of water,and you’ll see in a little bit why. But you don’t want too
much water either. All right so now we’regoing to add the meats. They’re already
cooked. If I was doing a raw one, I wouldhave added it right in the beginning
with the vegetables so that it would cookalong with the veggies. And so I just add
water and everything. God, no, go away!Don’t bite me! Stop it!That’s that.
See, she doesn’t respond to thesound of cans. She responds to the sound
of plastic opening. No, you stay down!You stay down. You stay down.
Okay, and then I break this up. Then I give it a stir,
and I just let it cook alittle bit, but like I said the meat’s
already cooked so we don’t really haveto wait. And then I turn the heat off, and then I spoon some of it into my blender. If you have a food processor, great, use your
food processor. We don’t have one. We just have a blender, but this is a really
good blender. It’s like heavy duty. Okay, now when it comes to the
moisture, you . . . well that might be too much. I don’t know, it’s okay. You don’t want it
to go above what you have in there. Because then it’ll get too runny, but
then you also want to make sure you have enough,and you might need to add water as
you’re blending it because then it’llit’ll kind of just get stuck, and the
motor will get bad and smoke and smell. All right, now
bring this over here, and I just doit in batches, and then I mix it all
together in the end. Thank you for your help Ripley. Nope, nope, get out here. Stay away
from the knives, geez. Okay, now it’s all done. It’s going to look like that, and I’m
going to pour it into my bowl. And this is the finished product. I will put
this in the refrigerator, and it’ll getstiffer but still a good consistency.
I always give her a fresh batchafter I make it, but I have to cool it
down first before I give it to her. This lasts about a week, maybe even eight
days, and you can always freeze it if youmake too much once you figure out what
you need for a week. If you make,you know, a really big batch, but I usually
just go week to week. And so here is the finished product.
Come here, sweetie. You hungry? There you go. Thank you everyone again so much. And Ripleythanks you too. —Meow. —We really
appreciate your support. It means a lotto us, and we can’t wait to finish the
comic for you. —We love you as much as Ripley loves this food.

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