How to bathe your cat


How to bathe your cat

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Most of us, regular cat owners, who like to adopt stray cats, instead of buying them, are keen on knowing how it’s proper to clean a cat. As you have probably heard by now, cats don’t particularly love water. Although their ancestors/relatives, wild big cats such as the tiger actually enjoy taking baths with their families, pet cats are not huge fans of their owners washing them.

The first tip we would like to recommend you is get some help. There are cats who might become aggressive and it would not mind if you had a friend or a neighbor around, just in case. Next, a rather small quantity of water is recommended in order to wash your cat. Fill around one third of your sink with warm (attention, not hot!) water and gently place the cat inside it.

Have great care to avoid the face and ear areas. Cats usually hate people who are trying to wash their faces, so use a bath towel instead of splashing water all over your pet’s face. Ears are evidently prone to infections if you insist on inserting water in the ear canals, especially water filled with shampoo or any other type of foreign substance.

How to actually wash your cat, then?

The washing part is pretty simple: you should use the same ‘methodology’ you apply on your own hair. Moisten the fur with water and then gently rinse it with shampoo. There are various brands or types of shampoo you can use, but it is highly recommended you use a one that is indeed fit for cats, not for humans. Cats have different pHs on their skins than human beings do; this is why they risk having all sorts of dermatological problems if you decide to use the same shampoo you wash your own hair with.

Remember to rub your cat’s skin with a light towel until you get the whole quantity of water out of the surface of the skin. Most pet cats do not enjoy vigorous massaging, so have patience. While some stoically resist in the company of a hair blower, most do not, so try to dry the fur with a towel we were mentioning above.

In case you have any questions, check out the video down below:


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