How to give an insulin injection to a diabetic cat PART ONE: Vet


So we’re going to show you how to give insulin to a diabetic cat. It’s really easy. For anyone who’s worried once you’ve done it once or twice you will find it easy too. There’s really not much to worry about, not much can go wrong, so first find a spot. You typically feel the shoulder blades which are about here and here and you can feel the blades and the gap between the two. Lift up, I lift up a fold of skin, like a fold like so, like a little tent. Now once you do that if you get your middle finger and you push behind the fold you can see it’s dented in, this little dent that goes underneath your fingers. Now I’ve got the needle and syringe like this. There’s my dose. I’m holding it. I’ll hold it like an owner would which is like so, all right, but with a finger, maybe my little finger I’m going to feel that little pocket going under my fingers when I lift that tent up and I’m going to go parallel to the fold Parallel with the fold the needle won’t come out of the skin. It’s really easily if you go crosswise to put the needle through out the other side and squirt the injection on to the floor, which is no good for anybody. So you go under the fold parallel. Because you’re lifting it off the body wall you’re not going to hit anything nasty. If you go like this all you can do is go into that pocket you’ve created. The needle- you probably won’t feel it go through the skin. You’ll just know when it pushes up that you’re there. So here goes. Make my pocket. In it goes push until it stops. I must be under because I’ve stopped. I’m going to inject. That’s it. Let go, pull the pocket down and just feel for wetness. You know if you’ve missed- there’s a bit of a wet material there (if you miss). That’s perfect, and that’s gone in beautifully.

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