How To Give Your Diabetic Cat An Insulin Injection


If your vet prescribes insulin, you will need to know how to give your diabetic cat an insulin injection at home.

A vet explains the procedure.

“While cat owners may cringe at the idea of injecting their cats, most find it is in fact easier than trying to give a tablet.”

“You don’t really have to restrain the cat, Just pick up the skin between the shoulder blades, stick the needle in, and you’re done.”

“Hold the syringe so that you can insert the needle and push the plunger without having to adjust your grip. One finger should be poised over the plunger when you insert the needle into the skin.”

“Some people put the needle in and then let go of the syringe for a second so they can get their finger over the plunger. This makes the needle bounce around and hurt.”

Here are some great Youtube videos that show you how to give your diabetic cat an insulin injection.

Here is a recap from Fluffy the cat:-

  • “Put cat in lap and hold in place with one hand if necessary. Pet cat with hand if enjoyable.
  • Grab syringe in other free hand, hold between index and middle fingers, thumb in position on the plunger.
  • Pick up the skin behind the shoulder blades.
  • Insert needle in loose skin.
  • Push plunger without waiting.
  • Take needle out.
  • Pet cat or kiss cat or hug cat, whichever feels appropriate.
  • You’re done.”

Sometimes you may not be sure if all the insulin has been injected. This could be because the cat moves and you accidently inject some into the fur. If this happens my advice is not to give any extra insulin as you can easily overdose. This may mean that the blood glucose level may be slightly high till the next injection is due but this is probably much safer than risking an overdose .There are many other excellent videos, pictures and information on how to give your diabetic cat an insulin injection, just do a search.



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