How To Keep Your Litter Box From Stinking Up Your House!! |Control Litter Box Odors


what’s up guys welcome back mandy with
my hectic life that’s where we talkabout all things pet and pet related and
today for those of you cat owners outthere let’s talk about how to keep your
house from smelling like a litter boxall of us cat owners out there
absolutely love our cats but theirlitter boxes can sometimes leave the
house smelling terrible you know thatabsolutely lovely aroma of ammonia
throughout the house is just it canreally stink up your house quick but
with the right maintenance and the rightlitter you can keep your house smelling
clean and fresh so first let’s talkdaily maintenance depending on how many
cats you have depends on how often youreally need to be scooping that litter
box to keep it from smelling up yourhouse as someone that has four cats in
the house I have to scoop at least twicea day every single day to make sure that
that smell doesn’t start flowing throughthe house obviously if you only have one
cat you might only need to scoop once aday now ideally of course we would be
scooping every time they use the litterbox but let’s face it we all have busy
lives and that sometimes is just not afeasible option so for those of you who
have multiple cats like myself you’llprobably want to scoop the litter box at
least twice a day now do take intoconsideration that if you have multiple
cats you should have multiple litterboxes even if you only have one cat you
should have at least two having multiplelitter boxes does also help with odor
control and it makes it less likely thatyour cat is going to have an accident
somewhere in the house now let’s talkabout litter box maintenance now
depending on what type of litter you areusing will depend on how long it lasts
there usually is a guideline on the backof most litter packages so that can give
you an idea of how long the odor controlis supposed to last for that particular
type of litter now the litter that I useusually lasts about a month before I
have to completely change it out for newlitter one big big huge difference that
I have seen with keeping the litter boxsmelling clean and fresh longer is
making sure that you scrub the litterbox thoroughly before adding the new
litter for those of you who own plasticlitter boxes a little bit of the blue
Dawn dish soap plus vinegar and watermakes a great spray for cleaning the
litter boxes and making them smell brandnew again now if you do own plastic
litter boxes these usually are only goodfor about one year depending on how many
cats that you have and how often theyare using that litter box
unfortunately plastics do eventuallystart to absorb the odors and sometimes
they get scratched at the bottom whichallows for bacteria to sink into the
plastic and after a while it makes italmost impossible to scrub out now I do
also use biodegradable disposable litterboxes for my cats as well I do have four
cats so I have a lot products like theNature’s Miracle
biodegradable disposable litter boxesreally help out and those litter boxes
are designed to also help with odorcontrol which is nice and it keeps you
from having to scrub although they canget a little bit pricey as they need to
be changed about every month I canusually make it about two months but any
time past that and they start gettingkind of scroungy now finding the right
litter for you and your cats is also ahuge factor in how clean the litter box
smells on a regular basis it took me areally long time to find a litter that
me and my cats could kind of agree onand that also had really good odor
control and ancent I am currently using the fresh step
multi-cat with Febreze this dust smellsgreat
my cat still seemed to love it and useit because a lot of cats will not use
scented litter so it has to be a litterif it is scented it has to be one that
is just scented enough that it kind ofhelps with odor control but not so
overpowering that the cap will not useit typically a good quality clumping
litter tends to help with outer controlquite a bit but finding one that clumps
well and like I said with low dust thatdoesn’t bother people’s allergies it
doesn’t bother especially if you haveasthma or something like that you may
have to find a different litterunfortunately a lot of it is trial and
error when it comes to litter because weall have our personal preferences and
some cats are extremely picky about whattype of litter they will use especially
cats with sensitive paws now I know thisparticular litter my cat that had
extremely sensitive paws thatunfortunately passed away he was able to
use this litter without seeming to haveany issues I’ve probably tried out at
least 40 different types of litter overthe past 30 years to find one that I am
okay with because let’s be honest I meanyou’re always it’s always a give and
take unfortunately this one does track alittle but it doesn’t track nearly as
much as like say the tiny cats littersdo so finding a good quality litter that
your whole family is happy with and yourcats are happy with that clumps well and
is easy to clean up can be a little bittricky but it is definitely worth it
once you find a good one all in all Iwould say once you find the right litter
for you and you make sure that you stayup on your routine maintenance keeping
your house smelling clean is a breeze sothat’s all for today’s video if you
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