How to Transform Cat into the Lap Kitty


How to Transform Cat into the Lap Kitty


Even though the majority of cats enjoy cuddling and being lap cats, there are some of them that are not fond of “lap time”. For a certain number of cats, it is their personality that refuses too much cuddling and is not impressed to curl on an owner’s lap. They are not very affectionate by their nature. These cats are rather calm and independent. Other cats have simply missed a chance to make a strong bond with humans. According to a research made in England, kittens that were not raised in the proximity of humans during a period of their third and seventh week are hardly able to make a trusting bond with people. However, experts in feline behavior develop interesting techniques that can help us to make a strong bond with a cat, or, at least, the most affectionate relationship with it. Maybe these techniques and tips can help us transform the cat into the lap kitty. The article “6 tips make your cat be more affectionate” explains how to bond tightly with the cat and eventually turn it into the lap cat.

How to Transform Cat into the Lap Kitty

1. While preparing her food (or making a production of opening that can of food), talk to your kitty. When she begins eating, gently stroke her a few times.
This will help her associate being petted with a positive experience.

2. Instead of trying to force a hug from your reluctant cat, play with her a little, maybe getting her to paw at a piece of string or chase after laser pointer.

3. Bringing out a tin of catnip often brings timid felines out of their shells, and aloof cats sometimes become far friendlier under the influence of catnip.

4. Remember that using the “slow blink” as a non-verbal statement saying “I love you” will go a much longer way with your cat, versus a direct stare, which she
may take as a threat.

5. Don’t try to push affection on your cat — for example, running after her.

All veterinarians agree that we should kindly treat our cats if we want to build a deep and trustful relationship. They advise us strongly not to yell at the cat, and not punish them. Cats can easily learn what appropriate behavior is only by using rewards to encourage good habits. Veterinarians also suggest consistency in teaching the cat new behavior. If we want the cat to jump on our lap, rewarding it with treats can quickly convince it that our lap is a good place to relax. Persistence, patience, and unconditional love can turn the cat into lap kitty very fast. However, some cats will need more time than others, but in the end, our mutual trust and a good time spent together is what counts. There is one more thing to acknowledge – maintain a trustful relationship. If we manage to turn the cat into the lap kitty, it is important not to use “lap time” for giving it medical treatment or cheat it in some other way. Once cheated, this cat will hardly give us another chance.

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