Kids React Bonus – Funny Cat Videos


Kitty*Laugh*He’s scratching the window boys cleaning the windows. oh he is cleaning the window Oh Yeah, that’s his, that’s his future jobWax on, Wax offhe’s likeLemme go inside!LEMME GO INSIDE!!!how many hour is this cat gonna do that for???Dude, you’re not gonna get through cat, listen to me, you’re notwell that cat has learn what glass is. Awww
Awwwwhat this cat even doing?*Laugh*Its just a sandalIt’s so adorable because it’s scared. What is that awful thing?Ew She is smelling a slipperAnd here we see the flip flop in it’s natural habitat with it’s natural predator. . the cat. massageThat’s funny. Qt. Massage. Well. I love a kiddie massageThanks, , honey. It’s just like yeah, my cat does that too like fluffy blanket to something cats. Just likekicker I don’t get paid enough for this INeed to get paid a lot more for this that’s a pretty cool video a sashing a dog I can’t believe itYou never see this. How does it cat learn how to do a massage?So first question if you were going to describe all those videos in one word, what would that be awesome?cute silly funny hilarious hilarious go through them one at a time first the cat on the glass door was happening there practicing for fruit uh probably trying to sharpen its claws?I think I was just trying get a bug outside. I think I was trying to escape from somethingMaybe trying to have a scratch sloppy with hisReflection if the cat could talk while it was doing that what do you think it would be saying yeah?Let me out of here. Let me outLet me out. Why is it it opening?Is it opening at cleaning windows cleaning windows somebody farted in here? And it’s getting really annoying Let me let me outLet me I swear to God I swear when I get out when I get out I will hurt you okayThat really freaking smells, and then there was the cat in the flip-flop talk about that way my mom was like really funnyIt’s like he’s never seen a flip-flop in his life. He was like inspecting it and he was likeWhat is that?It was like trying to investigate it so first it like slowly crept up to it as if the shoe is just gonna like explodeHe’s like the flip-flop was an alien her in the universeHe was scared to touch it then he was touching it then he was getting a little bit scaredCuz he was being a scaredy catWhy was the cat afraid of the Flip-flop? I have no idea maybe it smelled like some dogI think there is something under it he thought that that there was a ghost wearing the slipper cats. I a lot of thingslikeMy old cat was afraid of tape it knows what it isAnd it knows it’s not gonna really hurt you but it’s still scared last question on this I want to see what you’ll do when I give you thisHeyIJust kick it awayFinally there was a video with a cat and the dog ohThat was adorable. Did you like that one? cause he wasn’t massaging the dog?I would love to be the dog the dog was just maxing and relaxing on the Just like you is this good. This is okaywe doing harder that cat was pretty brave cuz dog is like chasing cats, butThis start getting mine because the cat was giving him him a massage. you seen anything like this before?Nope, no, no never in my life seenAn animal give another animal a massage every time I see a cat a dog it’s always a dog chasing the cat Mm-hmmBut not on a dog my cat does it too pillows like pillows or blankets?And like poe command just like Cod them for a while in the hill like go and curl up so now I want to knowWhich of these videos was your favorite one?I like cat versus flip-flop cat massage the cat and get out kitty massage cat Flip-flop, I like the flip-flop cat for this kidding. What versus foot flop split flop?

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