Lulu and Momo take a bath


Chairman MoMo. It’s time to get rid of your dandruff. Oh my. You guys are so cute like this!Now, getting rid of dandruff time! The answer is alwaystaking a shower once a year at leastto get rid of your dandruff and remove dead hair. It’ll also be better for your health. . Made a fur hat with your dead hair! Wow. It’s really a lot. How long have you been to get showered?I guess it’s been about 8 months. . . Almost a year. . It’s been A YEAR!You have a lot of dead hair. Wow. Where are you going? MoMo: I’m quite busy now. Hey! Wow. You’re really quiet. You got scared, didn’t you? You’ve tried to escape from here, but. . Feels better than you thought, right? Wow. Wow. Do you want to get in the tub?Right. You have to get bathed at least once a year. Right. Right!Like this?If you do that, it’s going to be much easier for me. Thank you. Awww, pity boy. You didn’t mean to get a bath, right?MoMo: Meow~Awww, you’re meowing. This shampoo doesn’t make that much bubbles and doesn’t really have scent. MoMo: Meow~Awww, pity. What? What do you want?MoMo: Meow~
Huh? What are you talking about?Awww, pity baby. Oh. But you’ll be refreshed after the shower,and your dandruff must be removedafter shower and have conditioner. Feels good, right? You must feel good. Hold on!You have to get rinsed it off before you leave. Good. MoMo: Meow~Alright. I’m going to be real quick. Awww. . Look at your lost hair over here! Wow. I guess it is going to be stuck. I need a drain cleaner. Done!Good job, boy. MoMo: Meow~Right!MoMo: Meow~Phew. . !MoMo: Believe the power of force. Did you say force? Hold on, hold on, hold on!Let me cover you with this towel. Hold on!TT / Soon to beHello?Right! Awww, pity boy. Now! Let’s take a bath!Awww, pity boy. Your hair is not easy to get soaked. Nope!No!Your brother was really. . LuLu: Meow~Awww, pity boy. Hold on! I’m going to be real quick! Super quick!LuLu: Meow~You look like an otter. Feels good, right?
Right! Just like that! Hold on to it. LuLu: Meow~Right!
LuLu: Meow~Nope. Awww, you feel bad. Nope. LuLu: Meow!Alright.
LuLu: Meow~Brave kitty doesn’t want to get bathed, am I right?Right. Hold that for a moment. Hey, be quiet for a second.
LuLu: Meow~Hold on. You used almost all water here. LuLu: Meow~Where are you going?Awww, pity boy. Getting your back,tail, and butt. You got much dandruff here.
LuLu: Meow~Okay. Awww, pity boy. Rinse is left only!Only rinse! Almost done!Almost done!Huh?There’s still soap.
LuLu: Meow~Do you see this bottom part?LuLu: Meow~Alright!
LuLu: Meow~LuLu: Meow~Okay. Hold on, hold on! Almost done! Almost!Let’s get rinsed! Right!Hey. . LuLu: Meow~Alright!
LuLu: Meow~LuLu: Meow~You were doing so good last time.
LuLu: Meow~Why do you hate this much this time?LuLu: Meow~Awww, pity boy. Awww, pity boy. Alright. You’re really almost done!Right. Let’s get your back rinsed one more time! Hey. . Do you see this? You still have soap!LuLu: Meow~Hold on! Done!LuLu: Meow~Getting your face! Good!LuLu: Meow~Awww, you’re meowing. LuLu: Meow~Face washing!LuLu: Meow~Feels good, right?TT / Really soon to beHere, here, here. Let’s get your body dried. Mommy will get from your back. No, no, no. No. This. What’s wrong? Alright!Feels good, right?At least, you have to get a bath once a year. Understand, kitty?Hmm? LuLu: Grr. . LuLu: Good job, kitty!Let’s get some snacks after your grooming, okay?Ta-da!Good job, kitties. It was not that bad. Good job, kitties!Let’s get conditioner on your back. Dandruff must be removed after that! Alright. You guys look good together. I think Chairman MoMo eats much easier. He’s taller. Gosh. . Suddenly, there’s a kitty appeared from somewhere. And became three!Here, here. Ta-da!

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