How to Make a Cat More Affectionate?


How to Make a Cat More Affectionate?


Cats are amazing creatures and wonderful pets. However, while a majority of cats show affection to their owners, some cats prefer to stay calm and emotionally distant. That situation is painful to cat parents, and they often wonder – how to make a cat more affectionate? Is there really something they can do to make the situation better? According to feline experts, the answer is simple – yes. The first thing we can do is to be patient and try to meet a cat’s needs. If we pay attention to cat’s specific needs, take part in playing, enjoy regular grooming sessions and do all of that on a daily basis, we will be on the right path to make a stronger bond with this precious being. If a kitty has quality food, clean bowls, fresh water, tidy litter box, and does not suffer from any health issue, she will be happy. Chances are greater that the happy and content cat will be more affectionate to her owners. To make things better, especially if a cat is indoor one, we may provide window perches, cat trees, and scratch posts to make her surroundings more interesting. Various toys will fill her life with excitement and help her exercise. When cat’s basic needs are fulfilled, and she feels safe living with us, then she will better respond to our efforts to show more affection. To learn more about how to make a cat more affectionate, the article “15 Sure-Fire Ways to Bond with Your Cat” offers us the following tips.

How to Make a Cat More Affectionate?

• Sing to her.

• Greet her.

• Meow back.

• Carry on a conversation.

• Tell her what she wants to hear.

• Give her a neck massage.

• Hold her hand.

• Play fetch.

• Turn the faucet on.

• Indulge their sense of fun.

There is one more tip that can help us in bonding with a cat. Cat experts recommend linking petting sessions with food or treats. When a cat associates our touch with pleasure such as her favorite food, she will be more willing to accept cuddling sessions in her leisure time. But, it is a gradual process that needs time and patience. Cats like to have space and do not like to be forced to do anything they do not want.

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