Male Cat Behaviour


Male Cat Behaviour

 If you just adopted a male cat, you want to learn everything you can about male cat behavior so you can know how to treat him and live well with him. According to some pet care experts, male cats tend to be friendlier and less aggressive than female cats although some male cats can get aggressive and even violent at times depending on the cat. Male cats also do not hunt as well as female cats and since male cats are territorial, they easily get into battles with other cats in the community and with other pets in the home.

 Spraying in Male Cats

 A major characteristic of male cat behavior is the act of spraying and this is when male cats mark certain areas of the house with urine and this could be a health hazard for everyone in the home. The best way to keep your male cat from doing this is by having him neutered because once this happens, he generally stops marking the floor with urine.

Why You Should Neuter Your Male Cat

 If you do not want your cat to exhibit bad male cat behavior, you should have him neutered for several reasons. One of the benefits of male cat neutering is a decrease in the number of unwanted stray cats, which lead to the harm of other cats and an overpopulation of cats as well as the development of germs in the environment. Male cat neutering also lead to less aggressive behavior in male cats and as stated earlier, they spray with urine less.

Protecting Female Kittens from Male Cats

 If you have female kittens and a male cat in the home, there is a chance that he will try to get a hold of them so you will need to protect the kittens from him. The first step is to have the male cat neutered and another thing you can do is stay in the room where the male cat and kittens are so that they will be supervised, and give the male cat some toys so he will not focus on the kittens as much. If you will not be home for a few hours, you should place the male cat in the cat carrier so the kittens can play freely in a safe way.


 Male cat behavior is interesting and at times scary but if you provide him with love and care as well as proper discipline, you will have a companion for many years. Medical studies have shown that cats and dogs are beneficial for a person’s mental health and this is especially true for senior citizens and depressed persons as well as children.  As your male cat reaches the elderly stages, you will need to look out more for aging symptoms and certain medical conditions such as diabetes or heart failure.  Finally, make sure you let him get in physical activity each day to prevent obesity and make regular visits to the veterinarian.

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