Massage Your Cat


Massage Your Cat and Watch Him Purrrr

massage your cat

massage your cat

There are so many things you do to spoil your cat- feed him right, love him- so why not massage your cat to complete the picture. We all know how good a massage can feel- we all need one once in a while so why not our favorite pets?

Massages are not only a good way to relax muscles, but they are also a great way to find any abnormalities in the body. So, while you’re giving your cat a massage, it would be a great time to alleviate health conditions like arthritis and diabetes. It also gives you the opportunity to detect any new problems like lumps and ticks.

To massage your cat right, start with a full body stroke and then start focusing on massaging more dedicated areas of the body. A good rule of thumb would be to start at points away from the heart and move towards it, while gradually massaging as you move forward. Occasionally use also circle and kneading movements to get the maximum advantage out of the massage.

Keep your eyes open for any changes in your cat- demeanor, body language and physical changes. Obviously if you have never massaged your cat before and you think the cat is becoming uncomfortable then you need to ease off a bit or maybe stop and try again another day. This way you can desensitise the cat and let it slowly adjust.

Ofcourse there may be occasions where a cat, due to whatever reason may not like massage. But generally speaking if your cat has grown up in a loving home with plenty of touching and stroking it should be quite easy and your cat should welcome the additional attention.  Don’t massage your cat while your cat is sick (vomiting or has a fever) or is not responding positively to your massage.


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