Over Dramatic Cats Who Deserve An Oscar!


This cat discovered snow for the first timeLook how fluffy his tail is!he’s like huh no he’s like no take me out of this this is my exact reaction like I am this cat in the snow like aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhThese cats truly deserve Oscars guys this cat is likeMad jelly he’s like how dare you human?You’ve loved that dog I’d easier about the love look how disapprove. He is he’s like hmmI didn’t even know cats could make a face like this you guys know cats can make faces. I I was unawareBut this is likejealousy 101What oh?my godFossil um, I thought she was going for the vacuum you guys have a cat, or you knowKnow anything about cats. You know vacuums are like their mortal enemiesVacuums like there’s like what is that monster trying to suck up thingsThey don’t know they never learn like you can’t even teach them. I’ve never met a catThat was okay with the vacuum this cat is like I almost diedShe was trying to clean up the carpet and i almost died ohThat’s so cuteShe’s not cold. You know actuallyThat was such a close call you saw how close to that truckYeahThat’s my cat impression yeah, never let go rose never let go he’s all nightAnd like bro cat you know you know like?It’s not a long way down. You’re literally just hanging off the couch you jump higher than thatYeah, you jump like all the way up under the on top of thisFridge I’m like I can’t speak Randa. What’s the word? I’m looking. I’m like searching for wordsI’m like the the the the ice box with food fridge jumps on top of the fridgebut falls off of a sofaThat’s like this much off the ground and it’s like the end of the world for this cat like look. This is hilariousHe’s like ahILove it. He’s drinking. He’s drinking historyLook at his face. He’s like foot you have betrayed meCan we watch this again just cuz like I can’t oh?My just one. I like like keep that in like my eyes foreverYou know what I mean like I need that image forever ingrained in my memory a green imageingrain ILove you they really cute kid I want it ohHe’s holding on so tight he’s getting dragged music don’t leave meDon’t leave meThis is me on so many levels like this is likeLike like when she’s too clingy, you know you’re likeOkay, I can can I can I you know like some things on my ownShe’s like no we need to we need to be a dad should they have bought all timesIt’s like me and Jordie we spend all our time together dick noNoSo cute oh what a scaredy-cat, this is so animatedLike I feel like that’s what happened you saw a mouse that’s like mice afraid of them when your owner gets a dogUniverse why I wanted to be me one loved in this houseEither that or he’s going for some like bomb assScratch you know like he’s scratching his bellyThat’s getting that itch right there, I feel like he could be either he’s probably just going for big scratch, and he’s like meowThese cats these cats are awesomeNot as awesome as you guys though. Don’t worry you guys out you guys you guys areSo this is before and after being taken to the vet. He’s off before the vetHe’s like it’s an adventure and after the event I think that this is the lookHe gave his owner the whole ride home. He’s likehowdare youHow dare you?How dare you he’s like he’s so insulted so like thisWe zoom into this face like look at the insult like I can’t even be that insulted this cat is like completely betrayed thatHe led this his human took him to another human who touched him in placesHe didn’t want to be touched for medical reasons obviously, but still not happy Ferris pretty flowers bringGuysLikeThese ones are the best like little movement look gifts. Oh my OhAgain I want it burned into my brain burned into my brain they’re cats reaction to seeing the ceiling fanWho for the first time they’re like?Okay, they’re so intrigued this one’s likeHow this one’s like we forgot to tell our cow we had a baby?He’s like what is this it’s like a little youHow do I how do I get it to feed we do yeah?Look at this one sheLike this is kind of scaryBut also like majestic at the same time like he reminds me of like Batman like he’s eitherHe’s either a villain and he’s like out to get everybody’s souls or he’s likeSecret crime-fighting cat in the night. Hey. What do you guys think?Evil or good. Let me know in the comments cat bath returns ohOh no noHe is so I lookLet meIt’s calling me mean human you disgustYeahThat’s what I feel like he says today. We are gonna go through the stages of cat panic burst through newspaper. OhShit oh shit, I think my face is stuck my face isWow get me out of here, and I’m assuming he escaped because it’s just paperEventually he figured out like it just tears off play with the really play with the ruler hoax him with the rulerJust like falls and diesNot actually dies, but like because he’s a dramatic Ted as the title suggestsHe’s watching TV. He’s watching TV yetgoodWhat did he see he’s like he’s Chinese IDon’t know what it says then maybe he said something dramatic. He’s like IWish I could read Chinese curse you saying you won’t get your way againOkay, but seriously how is he stretching like that he’s like stretch and scratchstretch and stretchstretch and scratchHey, I trusted youThis is the look of a heartbroken Kari it’s so cute ohLook how big his eyes are, but I’m gonna stop you guys right thereCuz your guys like on, but this is the look cat easy before he pouncesThis is like it’s like you think he looks sad and cute and like innocent, but this is like hunting mode catsso I have a kid and every time cat my cat does this he’she’s coming in for the kill IProbably they’re probably opening up their pupils, so they could see better butBut and then you got fooled you’re like oh, and he’s likeYeah this dramatic death in front of the TVIDon’t know I don’t even know what he’d be saying, but this is hilariousIDon’t think I’ve ever seen my cat fall asleep like this like straight on his back. IFeel like this is like such a vulnerable position to fall asleep in you know I meanBecause they’re like leaving all their organs like wide openso I’m like shocked than a cat would fall asleep like this this owner kicked over his cat’s milk andHad no milk to replace it and his cats sat there and stared at him the whole timeLike this like how dare you hey this guy is pissed?pissed IDidn’t know he’d like hold a grudge that longWe don’t knowLike I want to know what happened to the human did he make it out of this like the he posted picture and no one’sEver heard of him againThe cat sick and over for sureYou know you don’t get past this amount of of hate. Yep. This is a scared cat guysYou can see like they puff on their body and their tails make themselves so really really bigohMan what has been seen cannot be unseen I feel like this is like the perfect quote for itI die I die every time this owner took his indoor cat outside for the first time and it was soConfused it’s like Oh. What are all these smells and sounds andcolors andsmells these mostly smells what areGrass is that you look at his confusion. It’s so cute. He probably had so much fun alsoThis grass is really greatThey introduced the cat the neck here the first time in the cat’s like that monster was in your stomach the whole time badThis cat is pissed. He’s like I want it to be the littlest one in the house pies is for dramatic effectWhen cat realizes he’s a cat so funny. He’s likeMe don’t don’t you try nothing? I’m catch the dramatic catch this cat isOffended in a punch how how dare you give him dry food instead of wet Oh?So apparently this cat doesn’t like right this cat is like don’t let anybody touch meHe like wants insideWhat about like outdoor cats like? What do they do like you know? I mean like cats that are actually like wild cats ooh shitThey’re just enduro cats that are terrified of the raincuzZoroark hat doesn’t care about the rightHe’s like, but he also used to be a stray cat that we rescued so he’s used to living outsideHe’s used to the rain this cat is like not having any of it like does not does does not want a single droplets youSaid don’t let it touch me when you catch your roommate eat in your ice cream. He’s pissedOpen everything, but the watch but in Jerry why well, and now I need to know I need to knowEverything but the everything but the what a collision of chocolate and vanilla ice cream mixed with peanut butter cupsFletch comfort avi pieces white chocolate chunks and fudge covered almonds. Oh my god my life right nowWhy have I not heard of this I swear guys. This is not sponsored by Ben & Jerry’s. I just literally had to knowOkay, let’s get back to the video, but I like Ben injurious if you want to sponsor mesend me ice cream IAppreciate it this person’s cat poses like this every time you pull out your phone. He’s likeI’m dying so cute. I think this is the perfect thing to end this video on I love you guys all so muchSo much IDon’t know tomorrow, maybe yeah, yeah

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