Paralysed Kitten Gets Support From Local School


A spinal injury left Flipper, a 9 month old kitten facing the prospect of being put down as her hind legs were partially paralysed and she had to drag herself around. Then someone at the hospital were she was brought in had a brain wave and asked the ‘Robotics Club’ at the local high school for help. The end result is a harness with two wheels that allows Flipper to move around a lot easier than before.

Flipper now wears the harness for about two hours each day. The hospital is hoping to adopt Flipper while continuing helping her rehabilitate.



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  1. DeeDee MacDonald-Vuozzo says:

    Way to go Robotics Club. To save a life is an amazing thing to do. I had tears in my eyes when I saw her legs going at the end of the clip. She looks so stoked to be up and causing mischief. Just like a cat to be so resilient.

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