Reasons to Adopt a Senior Cat


Reasons to Adopt a Senior Cat


Many first-time cat owners automatically search to adopt a kitten, even though a senior cat may be a better choice for their lifestyle. Namely, there are many reasons to adopt a senior cat. However, these reasons are rarely considered when we enter into the adoption process. Because of that, many adult and senior cats still live in shelters, waiting to be adopted for years. Feline experts advise us to consider all the pros and cons when adopting a cat. There are many pros and cons not only for senior cats, but also for kittens. Kittens seem a better choice because they are completely adorable. They are cute, playful, and charming. They are the essence of joy. But, they are also very energetic and sometimes, we are not able to handle their energy without being irritated. Often, a kitten has their play session in the middle of the night, when we do not want anything more but a good sleep. They also should be trained to use a litter box, not climbing to a kitchen counter, and not scratch a furniture. Kittens are a bad choice if we have little children. No matter how cute they are, little kids and kittens are a disastrous combination. For little children, a mature cat is a perfect choice. To find out more about the reasons to adopt a senior cat, the article “It Gets Better with Age: 5 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Cat” lists the following.

Reasons to Adopt a Senior Cat

1. Senior cats may be overlooked for adoption

2. Senior cats may be able to teach younger, incoming cats

3. Senior cats have fully formed personalities

4. In a senior cat, If health problems have manifested, you know what you are getting

5. Senior cats may be lower key, which might be just what you’re looking for!

One of the reasons to adopt a senior cat is when we prefer a lap-cat over the more active one. Senior citizens found to be happier when adopt a senior cat. These two represent a perfect match. Senior people feel better when knowing that their cat will not outlive them, or at least, not as much. They are happy to know that their beloved pet will not end up in a shelter.

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