What Are the Signs of Cat’s Affection?


What Are the Signs of Cat’s Affection?

Even though scientists continually try to convince us that cats are aloof creatures that treat us as their food suppliers, almost all cat parents will agree that is not the case. Namely, a majority of cat owners believes that cats do like them, but they show this affection in a specific way. Cats are not extroverts and will not jump up and down when seeing us like dogs do. They demonstrate their affection in subtler ways. Thus, for many cat owners, a certain cat behavior represents a sign of their fondness. For example, head-butting is a number one sign in which cats show their love. In this way, cats left their scent across our faces, thus claiming their possession. Another sign is similar – cats like to rub against our legs. The mechanism behind is of the same sort. They mark their owners as their territory. This sign should state that they love us and we belong to them. There is one more sign that a cat likes their owner – a present. Namely, cats want to demonstrate their hunting skills and care for their owners by bringing them a bird, mouse, or lizard. To find out more about how to know what are the signs of cat’s affection, the article “Does Your Cat Love You? 7 Signs to Look For” gives us the following list.

What Are the Signs of Cat’s Affection?

1. The “Cat Kiss”

2. Kneading

3. Tale of the Tail

4. Purring

5. Sleeping with You

6. Head Butting and Rubbing

7. Grooming

Sometimes, when a cat nipping their owner, she actually shows how much she likes them. On the other hand, the biggest sign of cat affection is showing their tummy. According to feline experts, this single sign means that a cat feels safe and trust her owner. It is a sign of strong mutual bond that cats who feel strong affection to his owners do not hesitate to offer.

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