How to Stop a Cat from Chewing Cords?


How to Stop a Cat from Chewing Cords?


Even though many cats stop chewing cords after their kitten stage, some of them do not. Chewing on electrical cords might be dangerous and even deadly mischief for cats. This cat habit can be dangerous for humans, too. If we want to avoid the worst case scenario, we need to do everything to minimize the hazardous situation. According to feline experts, there are three reasons that cause a cat to chew electrical cords. One of the reasons can be a dental issue. Namely, many cats with dental issue find relief when chewing something like cords. To prevent them from hurting themselves, the best way is to go to a veterinarian immediately and avoid further problems. Another reason might be a poor diet. According to experts, some cats that suffer from malnutrition might try to overcompensate for their poor diet by chewing on cords. There is one more reason that force cats adopt this odd habit and it is boredom. Many cats do a lot of silly things out of boredom. To stop a cat from chewing cords, we might enrich a cat’s environment and provide many toys. The best way to help a cat with boredom is to arrange two playing sessions a day that will last about 15 minutes. It could help a cat release mental and physical energy. To find out more about how to stop a cat from chewing cords, the article “Destructive Chewing by Cats – Causes & Prevention” gives us the following suggestions.

How to Stop a Cat from Chewing Cords?

If an adult cat continues to chew even though you’ve provided plenty of stimulation and cat-friendly options, it will be necessary to take other measures to deter the behavior. Spraying an offensive-smelling substance in the areas where a cat chews can be extremely effective. There are several smells that cats dislike that won’t offend the rest of the household.

They include:

– Biter apple spray – available at most pet stores

– Cayenne pepper and water

– Orange oil – mix one part orange oil with three parts water

– Mint

– Rosemary

A good idea is to remove all unnecessary appliances that we do not use often. Charges should be kept in drawers, while other appliances should be kept out of a cat’s reach. To distract a cat, experts suggest buying cat grass or growing our own. Cats really enjoy its taste. There are a lot of we can do to stop a cat from chewing cords. What we will choose, depend on a cat and its specific affinities.

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