Symptoms Cat Diabetes

Symptoms Cat Diabetes

Symptoms Cat Diabetes

Symptoms Cat Diabetes

We have published posts on the symptoms cat diabetes before. But here is a another article on the same subject.

Cat diabetes and diabetes amongst dogs is becoming more prevalent. We believe this is due to our pets eating a poor diet and living a couch potato lifestyle.

So to prevent diabetes we strongly encourage you to change your cats diet to one that is very high in animal protein and very low in carbohydrate.

Cats are different to dogs and are not really designed to eat fruits, vegetables and grains. So why do we add these products to their diets??

Here are major symptoms cat diabetes:-

Unusual Weakness Or Fatigue

Cats may exhibit weakness in the back of their legs or in their back muscles, if they have diabetes.

Dogs may exhibit an overall sense of being tired, if they have diabetes. Dogs may also lack interest in their normal activities such as playtime.

Increased Thirst

Increased thirst is an early warning signs for cats, dogs, and humans when it comes to diabetes. One should pay attention if their pets are drinking more, even without it being hot or even when they haven’t been playing.

Increased Hunger

Both cats and dogs may exhibit an increased in their hunger when they are diabetic.

They may also eat more and weigh less or eat, without gaining any extra weight.

Weight Loss

Weight loss can occur when a cat or dog is diabetic, even if they have been eating more due to the increased hunger symptom. Weight loss can also signal other health conditions. This is why it is imperative to let your vet know about this symptom.

Weight Gain

Yes, weight gain is par for the course if your pet eats more food. However, if this gain is put on quickly or happens without a real change in your pet’s diet, you should consult your vet.

Increased weight gain can lead to many health conditions, including diabetes for your pet.

Thinning, Dry, or Dull Hair

It is not normal for an animal’s hair to become thinner, dryer or duller with age. In fact, these are symptoms of diabetes, especially if this hair thinning, drying, or dull appearance is taking place on the animal’s back.

Cloudy Eyes

Cloudy eyes can be a symptom that a cat or dog has cataracts in their eyes. This can lead to blindness.

This is another symptom associated with diabetes.


Have there been changes in your cat’s or dog’s mood? Does he or she no longer want to play? Could he or she be depressed? Yes, animals can be depressed and this can be a sign of diabetes due to a problem with their insulin levels.


Vomiting may occur in some dogs that have diabetes. The reason why is that some diabetic dogs have trouble digesting their food properly.

If your cat or dog has any of the above symptoms, consult your vet today. Don’t wait. Diabetes can be a condition that can cause havoc to your animal’s health.

Left untreated, it can be a condition that kills him or her.”

Some of these symptoms may be due to other illnesses. So it is always best to get the opinion of a veterinary surgeon.

If diabetes is diagnosed, please remember that with the proper care and change in diet and lifestyle many cats go into remission.

If your cat appears healthy and does not  exhibit any of the symptoms cat diabetes then prevention is always better than cure, so please take a serious look at its diet and lifestyle.


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