Vegetarian Cat Food For Cat Diabetes


Cats by nature are carnivores and they eat meat protein, so how ludicrous is it to feed them a vegetarian diet and look for vegetarian cat food for cat diabetes?

Cats have evolved over millions of years to eat meat and that will  not change over our lifetime. A vegetarian diet can be harmful to a cat and even vegetarian protein is not the same as animal protein. Here are some interesting facts on vegetarian diets for cats:-


This can be difficult for a cat to digest sometimes producing loose stools. It is also possible that Tofu may increase mucus congestion in cat’s lungs.


To an adult cat milk is a bad thing. They lack the necessary chemical, like enzymes, to digest it. Siamese cats seem more prone to milk sensitivity. Sometimes lactose free milk can bypass diarrhea episodes which are usually found with goat/ cows milk.

Vegan Diet.

There is just no nourishment for a cat that will satisfy it’s dietary needs.


If a cat has a well balanced meal then it doesn’t need supplements. Supplements are additional nutrients that in some cases can push the required amount over the safe level if they are not required.

A Vegetarian diet.

As the lines blur in some people to a cat being a human relative, we assume that what we can eat the cat can as well. But in this instance, the cat can not function at all on a vegetarian diet.

It is not made up that way. The cat’s body is perfectly created to eat meat and that can not be changed over a couple of years. For a cat the vegetarian diet is not normal and in some cases can be potentially deadly.


Instead of giving meat, some people give bones to cats. In theory this is quite normal to a cat because it eats everything from it’s caught prey to satisfy it’s nutritional need.

However there are some cats and some bones that are just not suited. Siamese are naturally competitive especially in eating and will down potentially harmful bone splinters.

If you want to give your cat bones then chicken necks, well cooked and introduced earlier on in life are a good source of nourishment for most cats.”

A vegetarian diet may be suitable for humans however cats are not made that way. Their natural diet is meat and everything else that goes with eating a small mammal, bird or rodent whole.

A vegetarian diet is no good for a normal cat let alone a cat that is ill. So stick to common sense and under no circumstances look for vegetarian cat food for cat diabetes.

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