Vitamins and Minerals for Cats



Vitamins and Minerals for Cats

As humans, cats need a daily intake of vitamins and minerals and they are important to the overall health of the cats. Although the main way for cats to get their vitamins and minerals through food, the vitamins and minerals for cats in food are not always adequate enough so in these cases you can purchase a bottle of liquid vitamins because the liquid vitamins boost the cat’s immune system, improve his vision and skin, and contribute to good cardiovascular health.

 Best Vitamins for Cats’ Skin

 Here are some important vitamins and minerals for cats that will give them better skin and nails. B vitamins are excellent for a cat’s skin because they reduce skin inflammation and they help the cat fight off infections and skin allergies. Vitamin E is good for cat’s skin and it helps the cat heal from minor skin injuries. To increase your cat’s vitamin E intake, add liquid vitamin E to the cat food. Vitamin A allows for healthy cat hair growth and it regulates his skin cells.

Iron and Calcium

 These vitamins and minerals for cats are necessary for several reasons. Iron is important for cats because without adequate iron intake during the week, the cat becomes weak and could develop anemia. Calcium is especially beneficial for pregnant and nursing cats since calcium is needed for a healthy pregnancy and strong bones.


 This is an important mineral your cat needs and since they are natural carnivores, you should give them plenty of animal products that are high in protein. Amino acids are related to proteins and several types of amino acids benefit the cat’s health. Taurine is an amino acid is needed to improve a cat’s vision and cardiovascular health. The best sources of protein are canned meats designed for cats.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

 Omega 3 fatty acids are necessary for cats who struggle with dermatitis and allergies in general. Omega 3 fatty acids are also good in relieving arthritis in cats and heart disease. If you have canned cat food that has fish in it, you can add liquid Omega 3 fatty acids to the food so your cat can have the best intake of the fatty acids.


 Without the right vitamins and minerals for cats, your cat will not be his healthiest and it could harm his immune system, digestive system, cardiovascular system and other parts of his body. If you plan to buy liquid vitamins for the cat you should research which brands are the best for your cat, read a few reviews of the brands and get advice from the veterinarian before buying a certain


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