When a Cat Stays at Home Alone


When a Cat Stays at Home Alone


Sooner or later, every cat owner faces the common question – whether or not leave a cat at home alone. While some owners prefer to travel with the cat, another try to find out a way to leave a cat at home safely. However, there is a common bias regarding cats among cat owners. Many of them think that cats are solitary animals and can take care about themseles. Even though it is true to a certain degree, cats are social animals and need a company of humans or another animal. They do not need to socialise all the time, but a single contact of 15 minutes a day would be enough. Another issue worth considering when thinking about leaving a cat at home alone is about food and water supplies. They need fresh water, and freshly served canned food, combined with kibble. Many owners leave a cat with dry food only, which is not the best solution for cat’s health. On the other hand, supplies of water can be spilled or fill with slime that expose the cat to a huge risk. To leave a cat safely at home when we are away more than a day, the article “Should You Leave Your Cat Home Alone While You’re Away?” gives us usefull tips.

When a Cat Stays at Home Alone

My recommendation is to arrange for someone to visit your cat at least once a day, and preferably twice, to feed him, scoop and dispose of soiled litter, and spend a little time with him to insure he’s healthy and comfortable. Perhaps you have a neighbor, relative or friend who is available to stop by. If not, I recommend hiring a professional pet sitter for once or twice daily visits.

Another, less desirable option is to board your cat. This is almost never ideal, because cats prefer to be on their own turf and most become stressed when kenneled away from home. Stress often leads to GI upset – especially if your kitty is fed an unfamiliar diet or treats while boarded. In addition, most boarding kennels require vaccines that you wouldn’t ordinarily choose for your pet.

If you must board your kitty, try to find a cats-only facility. Kitties do best in a calm, quiet environment, and many all-pet boarding facilities are very noisy with barking dogs, shrieking birds, and other vocal animals. This type of set-up is very stressful for cats.

As we have seen, cats can be left at home alone, but only if they can get at least once a day someone’s supervision. They need interaction, contact, and stimuli to feel good. It might be a good idea to find a friend, relative or pet sitter, who will provide fresh supplies of food and water for a cat. She/he should play with the cat for at least 15 minutes, which will compensate the cat’s need for interaction. It would also be helpful to spread around the house cat’s favorite toys, especially if they are interactive. In this way, the cat will find interest in catching them and feel less lonely when the owners are absent.

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