Why Do Cats Hide in High Places?


Why Do Cats Hide in High Places?


Cats are well-known climbers that unusually like high places. This trait continues amazing people during the ages. Many theories try to explain the cats’ fondness for vertical territory, but all of them can be reduced to the main one – their instinctual needs. In the wild, cats are not big mammals, nor the one of the strongest. They developed sharp claws that enable them to run away from danger. Their ancestors were skillful climbers that feel safe when on a top of the tree in the rainforest. This high position helped them to discover the danger and make their decisions accordingly. But, what about our pet cats? There is no danger in our houses and apartments, but they are still climbing. Maybe this is something they are doing just for fun? The article “For Cats, Being High Is Good” explains the four reasons why today’s cats hide in high places.

Why Do Cats Hide in High Places?

1. Vertical territory helps keep the peace.
Cats living together use surfaces at different heights to show their status in their flexible hierarchy without starting wars with each other. They
exhibit their social position simply by where they hang out in relation to each other. It is not static — the same cat does not continually occupy the
top tier of the status ladder. A variety of factors, including the time of day, other animals, the individuals’ health, and the presence of food
influence who will hang out on the highest perch at a specific time.

2. Vertical territory helps keep cats safe.
Cats feel safe up high. In addition to being out of reach of dogs and other dangers, kitties have the visual advantage and can observe all of the goings-
on around them. Potential threats and best buddies are easily spotted from up high.

3. Vertical territory helps keep cats warm.
A frequently overlooked benefit of vertical territory is temperature. Because heat rises, top perches and high shelves can become cozy places on cold
winter days.

4. Vertical territory helps keep cats entertained.
Although cats who live indoors are safer than their outside cousins, they often become bored and gain weight. Vertical territory with perches at
different heights inspires cats to jump and climb. Additionally, placing cat trees in front of secured windows provides hours of entertainment.

Because of this, many veterinarians recommend constructing or providing the furniture that can support cats social structure, in case there are two or more cats in one household. They also recommend providing the cat vertical territory, if the new baby is coming home. This type of furniture will help the cat to maintain a healthy self-confidence and feel safe. On the other hand, a confident and content cat will not make a trouble. In this way, our home can be a place of peace and friendship between the cat or cats and kids. Only the cat, which does not feel threatened, can maintain good relationships with other members of the household.

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