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Are You Considering Euthanasia For Your Diabetic Cat?


Are you considering euthanasia for your diabetic cat? This is something that I would only consider if the pain and suffering got to a level were the most humane thing was euthanasia. However with a  proper treatment plan there is no reason why cats should not be able to lead a normal a life as possible for many years. But I can understand why many owners might feel daunted by the prospect of looking after a diabetic cat and consider euthanasia as […]

Can Obesity Cause Cat Diabetes


A recent research project asked the question, can obesity cause cat diabetes? The results shows that obesity is indeed related to cat diabetes. That doesn’t surprise me at all. All my friends and relatives that have diabetes are well overweight, so to me it is very much a case of stating the obvious. So why shouldn’t the same be true of  cat diabetes? I’m not suggesting that all overweight people or cats are going to suffer from diabetes, what I am […]

Your Cat Has Been Diagnosed With Cat Diabetes


Your cat has been diagnosed with cat diabetes and your vet is recommending loads of tests, what do you do? Following on from my  article yesterday on in which I was amazed that a vet had appeared to misdiagnose cat diabetes, I today came across a posting from a cash strapped cat owner, who is asking whether all the tests recommended by the vet are really necessary for her cat who has just been diagnosed with cat diabetes. “My 7 1/2 year old […]

It Is Possible To Reverse Feline Diabetes


 It is possible to reverse feline diabetes. Conventional thinking is that it is not but here is an absolutely amazing story about Rusty the cat. I am really thankful to the owner for sharing the story with everyone and I’m sure you will all be amazed by it as much as I was. Please click on the link at the bottom and you will be taken to the full article. The article brings out a number of interesting points. Firstly […]

Weight Loss Programmes For Cats

Cat Eye Health

I  don’t know of any specific weight loss programmes for cats but without doubt excessive weight is a contributory factor in cat diabetes as much as it is in  human diabetes. Dr.Fox in the Wasington Post states:- “Excessive body fat produces inflammtory substances that can wreak havoc on a cat’s body and start a downhill decline into arthritis, diabetes and fatty liver disease.” A Washington Post reader has recently been told by his vet that his 13 year old cat needs to lose weight […]