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Can Obesity Cause Cat Diabetes

A recent research project asked the question, can obesity cause cat diabetes. The results shows that obesity is indeed related to cat diabetes...

Your Cat Has Been Diagnosed With Cat Diabetes

Your cat has been diagnosed with cat diabetes and your vet is recommending loads of tests, what do you do. Following on from my  article yesterday on in which I was amazed that a vet had appeared to misdiagnose cat diabetes, I today came across a posting from a cash strapped cat owner, who is asking whether all the tests recommended by the vet are really necessary for her cat who has just been diagnosed with cat diabetes...
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Weight Loss Programmes For Cats

I  don't know of any specific weight loss programmes for cats but without doubt excessive weight is a contributory factor in cat diabetes as much as it is in  human diabetes. Dr...

Test Your Diabetic Cat’s Blood Sugar At Home

You can test your diabetic cat's blood sugar at home using a glucometer -- the same over-the-counter device used by human diabetics. Home testing can save your cat's life! Here is a great video featuring Buddy the Cat...

Welcome To Pet Cat Health – Cat Diabetes

Cat Diabetes This cat diabetes website is dedicated to Inzy, our beloved cat who passed away in 2011. Cat diabetes is a disease that is becoming more and more common and it is important to know about cat diabetes symptoms and cat diabetes treatments...