Weight Loss Programmes For Cats


I  don’t know of any specific weight loss programmes for cats but without doubt excessive weight is a contributory factor in cat diabetes as much as it is in  human diabetes. Dr.Fox in the Wasington Post states:-

“Excessive body fat produces inflammtory substances that can wreak havoc on a cat’s body and start a downhill decline into arthritis, diabetes and fatty liver disease.”

A Washington Post reader has recently been told by his vet that his 13 year old cat needs to lose weight as the cat is limping and highly susceptible to all the ailments mentioned above.

The problem the reader has is that he is on a fixed income and cannot afford what he says is expensive food. One thing that is becoming clearer day by day is that dry food which is high in carbohydrates and starch may not be the best food for your cat and I hope to touch upon this subject on another post.

So the implication here is that expensive food is better for the cat. Well in certain cases this may be true. So what is this reader to do? Well if you are looking for weight loss programmes for cats then Dr. Fox has the answer,  and that is to give the cat home cooked food prepared to his recipies and also encourage the cat to play and exercise.

One of Dr. Fox’s recipe contains the following ingredients:-

1/2 cup of peas, chick peas or lentils Pinch of salt 1 T. fish oil *2 T butter 2 T unflavored gelati.,1 egg, whole 1 T. cider vinegar 1 T. chopped canned clams in juice 1 t. nutritional yeast* 1 t. dried kelp* 1 t. calcium lactate/citrate/ or carbonate supplement or oyster shell or 3 Tums tablets 1 whole chicken cut in pieces, or 1 lb. hamburger (not too lean), or ground lamb, or turkey. 1 cup chopped chicken hearts and gizzards.

The full recipe and method is availabe free of charge on his website, which can be accessed by a link on the washinton Post article:-

Washington Post

I once was talking to a natural health practitioner who used to treat humans and he told me that the quickest way for humans to lose weight was to go on a natural whole food diet and I can’t help thinking that the best way to help your cat lose weight is to feed it a diet it would naturally eat if it was in the wild. If you are aware of any other good inexpensive weight loss programmes for cats then please let us know.

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