It Is Possible To Reverse Feline Diabetes


 It is possible to reverse feline diabetes. Conventional thinking is that it is not but here is an absolutely amazing story about Rusty the cat. I am really thankful to the owner for sharing the story with everyone and I’m sure you will all be amazed by it as much as I was. Please click on the link at the bottom and you will be taken to the full article.

Rusty and his friend

The article brings out a number of interesting points. Firstly the relationship with the owners dog and how Rusty reacted when the dog passed away. Secondly Rusty started experiencing the symptoms of feline diabetes but this was not initially picked up by the owner.

Eventually the owner took Rusty to the vet and he appears to have misdiagnosed the problem and instead offered a very expensive operation which looks as though was not required. Absolutely shocking!!

The owner did her own research and came to the conclusion that Rusty was suffering from feline diabetes and this was then confirmed by another vet. But her research also brought up the fact that vitamin B12 could also be used to help normalise the pancreas and that it is possible to reverse feline diabetes. This was something that the vet hadn’t heard of but thought there was no harm in giving the B12 supplementation.

Rusty was put on insulin injections but the vet also informed the owner of the dangers and symptoms of a low blood sugar level and advised the owner to also have handy a syringe of sugar solution just in case such a situation should occur…this advice eventually saved Rusty’s life!

Well the insulin injections did the trick and Rusty was  pretty quickly  back to normal. And everything went well for a while until one night the owner found Rusty exhibiting all the symptoms of low sugar level. The sugar solution was administered and Rusty had to spend a night at the surgery. The owner had found Rusty just in time.

But what had caused the low sugar level….it was too much insulin. Apparently Rusty’s pancreas had recovered and was now producing enough insulin, the insulin injection had caused the sugar level to plummet….Rusty had managed to reverse feline diabetes and has now been insulin and diabetes free for 4 years! Could it have been the B12??

It is possible to reverse feline diabetes

I recently came across a vet who has an almost 100% success rate in reversing feline diabetes. I’m in the process of trying to persuade him to write an article for this site and will keep you informed. So it appears that it is possible to reverse feline diabetes, even though the conventional medical profession says it is not!

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