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Home Cooked & Raw Food For Cat Diabetes

Raw Meat Diet For Cats

Home Cooked & Raw Food For Cat Diabetes Most of todays cat illness epidemics have been caused by improper diet. It was only just before the second world war that food started to be manufactured specifically for cats, before then they were given scraps or raw food or fended for themselves. Cats have evolved as carnivores and in the wild eat small rodents, birds and mammals and they tend to eat them whole. Feeding a cat a manufactured diet of […]

Hypoglycemia Can Be Caused By Insulin Overdose


Hypoglycemia can be caused by insulin overdose. This is a condition characterised by low blood sugar and is a dangerous effect of overdosing on insulin. Hypoglycemia is also known as insulin shock and can be life threatening. It is therefore important that when on an insulin regiment that home testing also be carried out to ensure that the correct levels of insulin are being administered. “Symptoms of hypoglycemia: [in order of ascending severity] abnormal hunger / complete disinterest in food restlessness […]

Cat That Just Had A Low Blood Sugar Episode


A reader has a cat that just had a low blood sugar episode and is wondering whether other people have experienced the same thing. The important thing to remember is that when the cat is being treated for cat diabetes part of the treatment should be a radical change in diet. This change in diet more often than not leads to a reduction in diabetes severity and in many cases also a full remission. This means that the amount of […]

A Vet Explains Cat Diabetes

bodega cat

A vet from PetPlan explains the common symptoms and treatments for cat diabetes. It is acknowledged that cat diabetes is a very common illness but no mention is made of the reasons why. We say because of  a poor unnatural diet and a sedentary lifestyle! Provided there are no complications the treatment is really quite straight forward. That is managing the diabetes with insulin and changing diet to a high protein, low carbohydrate  one. Many cats do go into remission provided […]