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Raw Meat Diet For Cats 0

Home Cooked & Raw Food For Cat Diabetes

Home Cooked & Raw Food For Cat Diabetes Most of todays cat illness epidemics have been caused by improper diet. It was only just before the second world war that food started to be manufactured specifically for cats, before then they were given scraps or raw food or fended for themselves...

Cat That Just Had A Low Blood Sugar Episode

A reader has a cat that just had a low blood sugar episode and is wondering whether other people have experienced the same thing. The important thing to remember is that when the cat is being treated for cat diabetes part of the treatment should be a radical change in diet...
Blood Disorders in Cats 0

Humans Can Benefit From Surgery On Cats & Dogs

Veterinarians at the Royal Veterinary College’s Queen Mother hospital for animals (QMHA) in England believe that humans can benefit from surgery on cats and dogs. That's because many diseases are shared by both humans and cats and dogs and they believe it is time that animals and human medicine started learning from each other...