Home Cooked & Raw Food For Cat Diabetes


Home Cooked & Raw Food For Cat Diabetes

Most of todays cat illness epidemics have been caused by improper diet. It was only just before the second world war that food started to be manufactured specifically for cats, before then they were given scraps or raw food or fended for themselves.

Cats have evolved as carnivores and in the wild eat small rodents, birds and mammals and they tend to eat them whole. Feeding a cat a manufactured diet of vegetable proteins and grains does not work and modern dry food is the main reason why diabetes amongst cats has soared in recent years.

Here are two more videos of cat owners making their own cat food at home.


If you do not have the time or do not want to make your own food, there are many natural/raw food supppliers that can be found on a Google search.

If you must buy your food from the supermarket, try to make sure that the food contains high animal protein and low carbohydrate. Be careful as some foods have gravies that are very high in carbohydrates. However it appears that home cooked & raw food for cat diabetes is currently the best approach to manage and prevent diabetes.





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