Monthly Archive: January 2013


Cat Survives 1700 Mile Train Journey

A cat stowed away in an express train and travelling 1,700 miles (2,735km) in two days and is now recovering. Polly, from Plymouth, climbed into a compartment after she had been injured and ended up travelling between Penzance, Plymouth, Bristol, Swansea, Worcester, Oxford and London in "freezing" conditions...

Monkey Showing Affection To Cat

Monkey Showing Affection To Cat Here's another video of cross species affection. This time it is a monkey being affectionate to a cat! httpv://youtu...

Cat Kisses A Dolphin

Yes a cat kisses a dolphin.  It's amazing that such diverse species can get along with each other but humans can't get on with their own kind! httpv://youtu...

Fat Cat Diseases

Fat Cat Diseases In the same way overweight linked diseases in humans are on the rise, a vet has said that fat cat diseases are increasing.  Many cat owners give their cats treats and unsuitable diets and this is leading to obesity and problems such as heart disease, diabetes and even depression...

Raw Meat Diet for Dogs and Cats

Raw Meat Diet for Dogs and Cats An interesting video from the Dr. Mercola's stable on raw meat diets for dogs and cats which confirms that cats have evolved to eat raw living food despite what a lot of veterinarians say! Manufactured dog and cat food has only been around for the last 60 or so years...