Monthly Archives: January 2013

Cat Survives 1700 Mile Train Journey

cat train trip

A cat stowed away in an express train and travelling 1,700 miles (2,735km) in two days and is now recovering. Polly, from Plymouth, climbed into a compartment after she had been injured and ended up travelling between Penzance, Plymouth, Bristol, Swansea, Worcester, Oxford and London in “freezing” conditions. Luckily a train guard heard meeeows and investigated.    

Monkey Showing Affection To Cat

monkey kisses cat

Monkey Showing Affection To Cat Here’s another video of cross species affection. This time it is a monkey being affectionate to a cat! If the cat felt threatened in any way it would have retaliated, so we can only assume the cat was enjoying as much as the monkey!

Cat Kisses A Dolphin


Yes a cat kisses a dolphin. It’s amazing that such diverse species can get along with each other but humans can’t get on with their own kind! I don’t know if these dolphins were wild or in captivity…that’s a whole different issue.

Her Roomate’s Cat May Have Diabetes


Her Roomate’s Cat May Have Diabetes A student thinks her roommate’s cat may have diabetes and is at a loss to know what to do as the roomate does not seem to be too concerned. Yes, this can be a difficult situation as the cat does not belong to her. “My roommate has a cat…4 cats actually, but one of them has diabetes (I am pretty sure!), and I don’t know what to do. She is around 10 years old […]