Raw Meat Diet for Dogs and Cats


Raw Meat Diet for Dogs and Cats

An interesting video from the Dr. Mercola’s stable on raw meat diets for dogs and cats which confirms that cats have evolved to eat raw living food despite what a lot of veterinarians say!

Manufactured dog and cat food has only been around for the last 60 or so years. Before then cats and dogs used to be given left overs or in the case of cats , cats used to hunt their own prey. Cats have evolved to eat raw food and in the wild eat small rodents, birds and mammals, and they eat them whole. Cats have not been designed to eat grains and vegetable types of protein. This is why we beleive that a raw meat diet for dogs and cats is better than a manufactured food diet.

Parasites are normally cited as a blocking point for feeding animals raw food. However the Doctor explains that parasites are in the gut and not really the muscle meat. But also a gives a good tips for ridding meat of bacteria.

This is an excellent video and provides great information on the raw meat diet for dogs and cats.



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