How to Earn a Cat’s Trust?


How to Earn a Cat’s Trust?


When we bring back home a new cat, especially if it is an older shelter cat, we might face a trust issue. Sometimes, we can find ourselves thinking how to earn more trust in a current relationship with our cat. Whatever the reason might be, it is not easy to make a cat trust again. For cats, the trust issue is extremely high on their list of priorities. Feline experts advise us to be patient and do not force the bonding process. They believe the first thing is the most important one – provide a cat constant supply of food, water, and shelter. If a cat feels consistency regarding meals, fresh water, good hygiene, and safe and peaceful place to nap and sleep, she will be assured of our positive intentions. She will feel safe and secure. When a cat feels safe, she will be more relaxed and less frightened. Naturally, she will be more open to trust and bond with us. However, experts also warn us not to speed up the process. Namely, some owners can actually slow down the process for their impatience. If they hurry to make a contact with a new cat, cuddle her, and worse, to pick up her, a cat can react with fear. Therefore, a good idea is to wait and watch for signs affection. When a cat is ready, she will come and look for our hand to be petted. Thus, the second step is to wait and let a cat initiate the bonding process on her own pace. To find out more about how to earn a cat’s trust, the article “Establishing Trust” gives us the following explanation.

How to Earn a Cat’s Trust?

Cats will gladly adapt to using a litter box instead of the wild, a scratching post instead of a dead tree, and a meal from a can instead of a hot lunch. They will do these things happily and well, that is, once they trust us.

Cats will accept the substitute if they are confident their needs will be met. We extend friendship by meeting those needs. Then we have goodwill to draw upon when we ask them not to scratch the couch or use our houseplants as a litter box.

We make these requests from friendship.
They comply with our requests out of friendship.
Without trust in us as caregivers, cats will feel compelled to take of of their things themselves. They will be driven further into Solitary Cat Mode, and will become anxious, destructive, and aloof.

Even though there is a long-standing myth about cats and distrust, to earn their trust is easier than we believe. We just need to adopt the compassionate approach and observe their behavior. They will lead us throughout the process. But, once we earn cat’s trust, we should keep it forever, and they will be our most loyal friends.

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