Al The Diabetic Cat


Here is a video of  Al the diabetic cat, a 12-year-old grey tabby with diabetes. Almost two years ago Al lost control of his back legs and became very ill. Now although his weight had risen to over 25 pounds, the vets did not diagnose Al until he became comotose. Earlier they said he had a weight problem and just needed to exercise more. Quite amazing that this vet did not think to do a blood sugar test!

His owner decided to give him insulin shots instead of euthanasia. Al eventually recovered the use of his legs and now receives his insulin injections twice a day.

What is not clear is whether the diet was changed and whether home testing was carried out to ensure that the correct dosage of insulin  was being administered.

We hope this gives those of you with diabetic pets a little hope. Euthanasia should always be a final solution and is really only necessary if there are added complications. With a little care, your pet may be able to live like Al the diabetic cat or may even recover totally.


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