Early Signs Of Feline Diabetes Was Corrected With Food


A Cat owner has shared his story of how early signs of feline diabetes was corrected with food. His ten year old Mainecoon cat has always been fed on dry food. He recently discovered that the cat was drinking and urinating much more than usual and was just not his normal self. He carried out his own research and discovered that the food he had been feeding was the problem. He changed to a diet high in protein, low in carbs and grain free. Within two days the cat was back to normal!

“Hi,  I come here today in hopes of helping someone else and their beloved cats.   I have a 9 .. almost 10yr old male Mainecoon. He is an indoor cat and has always been on a dry food diet by Iams.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed he was drinking and Unusual Amount of Water and Urinated in excess.  He was just kind of laying around alot and not acting like his usual self.

After MUCH research I learned his food could be playing a big roll in his new habits and decided to give him a change in his food.  I chose to use Blue Buffalo Wet food.  Chicken , wilderness.  High in protein, low in carbs and No grains added.

Well, not only does he loves this food but within just 2 days….. He stopped drinking that unusual amount of water and his urination is back to normal.  Hes playful and really back to him self.   I was so pleased this worked for him because I def did not have the money for a trip to the vet.”

He makes an interesting point and that is that he did not have the money for a visit to the vets. And he also now beleives that a lot of services offered by vets are unnecessary.

“As I researched more and more I realized there are alot of svs our vets offer that our pets just dont need.  If I had brought Max ( my cat ) to the vet…I am certain he would have charge me A ) for the visit B) for the testing and C ) for the medications.  I am also sure he would have never even told me that early signs of Diabetes does not mean they have Diabetes… It simply means they are heading in that direction of getting Diabetes.  If you have not caught these early signs in your cat and he or she is showing signs other than unusual thirst and larger and more frequent urine., Please go and see your Vet to be sure your pet gets the best help possible….BUT if you cat has just started in the last week or two drinking excessively and Urinating excessively.”

But the point is also made that if the illness has progressed then it is best to see your vet. For this owner  early signs of feline diabetes was corrected with food but why wait for the symptoms to manifest, change your cats diet now to a high protein, grain free, low carbohydrate diet.



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