Obesity Can Lead To Cat Diabetes


Obesity can lead to cat diabetes says Lisa Chelenzi. In previous posts we mentioned Meow, the 2 year old cat that died from pulmonary failure a month or so ago. Even though Meow hadn’t yet contracted cat diabetes, I’d say he was a prime candidate unless he had drastically started to reduce his weight. Although he was started on a weight loss regime he died before he could reap any of the  benefits.  Obesity is a growing problem amongst cat owners and Lisa has some great advice for owners of overweight cats.

“Recently the world’s heaviest house cat, 39-pound Meow, died from pulmonary failure, and he was only two years old. It may come as no surprise that obesity is a growing problem for American cats. We may even be contributing to this problem without realizing it.

The next time you pet your cat, feel around their midsection. Is it fleshy where there should be a more solid tummy? If the cat looks and feels overweight, it probably is.

Obesity in cats can lead to health problems like arthritis and diabetes. Your feline friend may need to trim down a bit.

Are you feeding what is recommended on the package? All commercial pet foods come with recommended feeding instructions. These recommendations are not requirements, but recent studies have shown dogs and cats kept in the house, fed at the amounts on the dry food label, will eventually become overweight. Try taking away about a third of the recommended serving size. Don’t drastically reduce the amount of food right away. If your cat loses weight too fast, they can develop a disease called Hepatic Lipidosis.

When people need to lose weight, we exercise more. Your cat has to exercise more, too. There’s little chance kitty is going for a walk and Pilates is out of the question. Sleeping on the couch while you are at work is what most cats do. Try adding some interactive toys to the cat’s environment. Anything that mimics the movement of prey is a great idea. Consider adopting another playful cat for a single cat to play with. A kitty condo with lots of platforms is also a fun way for your cats to exercise.

Remember before you or your cat begins any weight loss regime consult a doctor or veterinarian.”

There is no doubt that obesity can lead to cat diabetes however not all overweight cats are diabetic but research shows that most, if not all diabetic cats are overweight. Refer to our previous posting, which also gives great advice on exercises and games you can play with your cat to help it lose weight.

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