Another Fat Cat At Risk Of Getting Cat Diabetes


A few weeks ago we featured Meow an overweight cat that had been brought into an animal sanctuary because its owner could no longer keep him and we have now heard of another fat cat at risk of getting cat diabetes.  Unfortunately Meow died a few weeks later, however, a cat called Garfield who weighed in at 40lbs appears to be faring a little better on his diet. He was brought in to a sanctuary in new York because his owner had passed away.

Another fat cat at risk of getting cat diabetes

Another fat cat at risk of getting cat diabetes

“Proving fat cats aren’t just in Washington, a 40-lb. kitty named Garfield was recently brought to an animal rescue shelter in New York.

Staff at the North Shore Animal League America in Port Washington, N.Y., said they were “immediately smitten” with the tubby tabby when it was brought in May 31 after its caregiver died.

But the larger-than-life feline, which is currently in a foster home, could suffer a number of health issues, the animal rescue’s vice-president, Mark Verdino, said in a release.

“People often think that an obese animal is not in physical danger, but nothing could be further from the truth,” Verdino said. “Just like with humans, too much weight can cause serious health problems. It leads to diabetes, heart disease, joint, bone and ligament damage, high blood pressure, intolerance to heat and more.”

He also noted cats only eat what they’re given, so if a cat is obese, it’s because it’s being fed too much.

Staff have been monitoring Garfield’s food intake and he’s already lost five pounds.”

The second to last sentence says it all really. It’s not the cats fault that it is fat. The cat is obese because it’s being fed too much, and I would add probably being fed the wrong food as well. If  you read previous posts about diet and cat diabetes, you will realise that cat obesity, as in humans, is a precursor to a host of illnesses, including cat diabetes.  So to prevent your cat from becoming another fat cat at risk of getting cat diabetes, always stay away from dry food and feed your cat a high protein, low carbohydrate diet, that is as close to nature as possible.


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  1. Seme says:

    The best food and on a budget=almost imsipsoble.The best food is Blue Buffalo (found in Petco, Pet Supplies Plus, etc..) It’s the best because it’s natural, the first ingredient in the food should be a meat not a meat by product. This food has natural ingredients such as chicken, fish, cranberries, potatoes, carrots, etc It will keep your cat healthy for a long time whereas food like fancy feast (great for a budget) will not promote a healthy cat because there are many by products and chemicals and artificial ingredients as well as a lot of grains that are not healthy for a cat. Foods like fancy feast or anything big name brand which often has by products keeping costs down are very unhealthy for your cat. It’s like giving your cat McDonalds or TV Dinners every night whereas giving them a natural food like Blue Buffalo or Wellness is like giving them a home cooked meal. Best litter in my opinion is Fresh step with crystals. It does have some dust when you shift it but it covers smell really well as opposed to Tidy cat. I find people who use tidy cat have smelly homes and when I gave it a try I did to. Tidy cat made my house smell because the litter itself kind of smelled. I like fresh step and if you have a bjs membership you can get it there 40 pounds for about $15 and for one cat that’s a good deal I have four adopted cats and Fresh step works great and Blue Buffalo=they love it. I used to give them fancy feast and other cheap foods you can get at bjs but they all ended up having bloody stools from it, once I started them on wellness and blue buffalo they were better in one day.

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