Best Natural Flea Treatment For Cats


Hey Madalena innocent here. The bestnatural flea treatment for cats may notbe what you think it is. In fact it is,without a doub, the best way to get ridof fleas on cats, natural or otherwise. It’s also the best natural flearepellent for cats. Fleas on any furryanimal are natural up to a poin. The oddone will never call the problem and youcan do far more harm than goodby chasing an elusive flea. It’s theproliferation of fleas this is the problem. By the way, there’s a popular feelingamong vets that cats are allergic tofleas. They aren’t. Fleas are natural. Butcats are allergic to many of the toxicflea preparations used to control thesebusy little insects. Even though aninfestation of fleas can cause you andyour cat an unpleasant problem, don’tblame the fleas. They are only themessengers. What do I mean by that? If your cat has fleas there’s a reason. They do a great job of cleaning up allthe toxins that your cat releasesthrough the skin. Any toxicity in anyanimal will always first find its exitpoin,t that is the best way out, the leastharmful way out, to release it throughthe skin. This can and often does causeitching and various skin eruptions whichcan become infected. The normalveterinary solution is to kill the fleaswith highly toxic even neuro toxicchemicals as well as to add in immunesuppressive antibiotics. As is commonwith medical and veterinary treatmentsthe solution is often much worse thanthe original condition. A far better andmuch more intelligent approach to solvethe problem is to look at the cause. As anatural health consultant I’m far moreinterested in the causes then in theeffects these causes have which issecondary. If your cat is eliminatingtoxins through the skin how are theygetting into your cat? Surely that’s abetter consideration? Surely it’s moreeffective to stop the toxins gettinginto your cat so they don’t have to beeliminated. Then there won’t be a flea problem. DUH!Many people have no concept of howtoxins are getting into themselves letalone their cat. There are three maincommon ways:commercial cat food containsmany toxic chemicals despite claims tothe contraryveterinary medicationsincluding vaccines all contain toxicchemicalssome household cleaners – airfresheners and furnishings contain toxicchemicals which off-gas continuously. Sowhat are the alternatives to these?what’s a good cat food that doesn’tcontain toxins? What effective healthcare system doesn’t poison your cat withtoxins? What are the more appropriatehousehold cleaners, furnishings etc? Toanswer these questions, to discover thebest natural flea treatment for cats aswell as to find the best the best fleaprevention for cats, check out my websitewww. NaturalCatHealth. com/parasites

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