How to help a pregnant cat! – Pregnant cat care 101


hey guys welcome back to relax my cat
my name is Savannah and here with me isMia
already planning their escape andtoday’s video is told mainly from
experience ok so some of you may knowthat Maya is a grandmother probably a
great-grandmother and that kind of leadsus on to what this video is about I’m
just going to get right into anyway it’swhat to do or what to expect when your
cat gives birth ok so some of you may knowthat Maya had a litter of five kittens
when she was much younger and honestlythe pregnancy there wasn’t many signs
with Maya because she was a bit of atubber anyway so you couldn’t really
tell physically oh my god she’s offendedit could really do anything if you do
suspect that your cat is pregnantespecially if they’re very old or very
young and definitely take them to thevet because the best thing about the
vets when you cat is pregnant is firstoff they’ll be able to tell if they are or not
second off they will give you a briefingon what to do when the birth actually
happens what to do in the weeks leadingup to that and it’s really really
helpful so definitely go to your vet andmake sure you get checked and honestly
no matter how informative I think I amthe vets advice is going to be better
okay so getting into the birth part makesure you keep your space really clean
like under sofas behind wardrobes justeverywhere that’s tight and dark that
your cat will find safe make sure youkeep that really clean because and us
safe and dark and small because they’llprobably want to make their nest there
as far away from where people usuallypass through Maya was under a bed so
that’s probably the kind ofhe’s looking for also keep any special
stuffed animals nice and safe and awaybecause we don’t want another incident
like what happened to mr. bear whereMaya proceeded to rip out his stuff in
and use that as a nest to give birth onalso when the birth is happening make
sure you give you a cat plenty of spaceI know it can be scary and no you might
want to hold them but she probably knowswhat she’s doing and just be there to
observe and make sure everything’s goingokay if you are worried you can always
call the bats and a lot of vets willactually talk you through the birth
while you’re on the phone which is superhelpful and it comes you down a little
bit the other thing is though I wouldrecommend being very quiet you don’t
want any loud sounds and you freak itout that’s gonna scare you can’t and the
last one that I would say is reallyimportant is don’t touch newborns and
any kind of object that can imprint asmell is really dangerous with newborn
kittens because capsule a bit ficklewhen it comes to parenting and if they
don’t recognize the kitten they won’tlook after it so if the kitten just get
a little bit too far away from mom Ijust use something that doesn’t have a
smell some kind of object to gently pushthem back towards it it should be fine
that’s what happened one of Maya’skittens and she managed to crawl all the
way out of the bed and we couldn’t touchher so how do we get her back there my
dearand so my sister gently nudged her back
in everything as well obviously with thesubject there are so many things to talk
about so many do’s and don’ts and if Iput them all into one video it would be
a really long video so what I’ve doneinstead I put a couple links down below
in the description just that I thoughtwere really good advice and that you can
look through if this isn’t what you’regoing through so with that said as
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