Cat Breathing Problems


Cat Breathing Problems


Asthma in cats is one form of several cat breathing problems though it is not that common. However, a cat sneezing and/or coughing can be a symptom of asthma in the cat.

Asthma in cats is not different than asthma in humans. Just like in humans, one of the telltale signs of asthma is difficulty breathing. The official medical term is feline bronchial disease.

Asthma is not always a permanent condition. At times it can be triggered temporarily by things in the air such as smoke and dust. Veterinarians have their own practices for treating asthma, but there are alternative natural options that could possibly be more beneficial. Here are some suggestions:

 “The veterinary solution is to manage the attacks usually with steroids, just as with humans. Bronchodialators are also used when the asthma occurs. Both of these measures are toxic and immune suppressive. This leads to further problems in the years ahead.

The better approach is to first discover the cause of the problem. This may or may not be easy to see. However, when someone is not on a healthy diet, all manner of problems can arise. So the very first thing that should be addressed is the diet. If you cat is on a typical commercial cat food, this may well be the cause of the problem. In which case, she will never recover until it is changed.

A quality, natural diet can go a long way in helping your cat recover from every disease under the sun, and should always be addressed as the first action.

If the asthma continues after the diet change, it will invariably be less intense and less frequent, but may not be completely resolved in all cases.

You may not know, but asthma was never a fatal disease until it was treated with steroids. It may look horrific to the onlookers. It may be scary to the sufferer, but it was the body’s way of addressing a problem.”


Like the individual above, I believe in natural medical treatments such as homeopathy. Modern medicine has its benefits but usually those benefits are accompanied by many side effects. My belief is trying the natural way before turning to the usual medical treatment. Cat breathing problems such as asthma may not be common but they can be treated naturally. If a veterinarian is open minded, he or she may even have some suggestions for natural treatments.

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