Pancreatitis in Cats


“Pancreatitis in Cats”

Pancreatitis in cats is when the pancreas, the organ in charge of hormones, becomes inflamed resulting in such issues as low blood calcium and high blood glucose. This disorder can either be temporary or a lifelong issue. One issue with diagnosing pancreatitis in cats is that the symptoms are very similar to other conditions. Some common symptoms are a low appetite, dehydration, vomiting and low body temperature. Though there are veterinary treatments for this condition, most of these treatments involve medication that can have nasty side effects. Here are some causes of this disorder and recommended treatment:

 “Some of the common consequences that contribute to pancreatitis in cats are the side effects of veterinary medicines, trauma (such as an accident), internal parasites and infections. But by far the most common cause of this condition is the diet.

Another problem with fat is that it is high in toxins. So not only does it contribute to a serious ailment, it is creating high toxicity.

An acute episode of pancreatitis can occur in a reasonably healthy cat after a meal high in fat. For example, after a holiday period, when people have been cooking a lot, they may offer their cat some of the spoils. A lot of chicken skin, other fatty left overs or licking a roasting pan could cause it.

In most cases, the cat will recover on their own.

However, as the years go by, if the diet remains high in fat, this can lead to the chronic form. A fat cat gives a good indication of their diet – high in fat, usually commercial cat food.

In preference to the common, and toxic, veterinary medication, isn’t it better to work out the cause and rectify that? By feeding your cat a quality, natural diet, in keeping with their evolution, you are ensuring their good health, free from both common and rare diseases.”

Like other illnesses, pancreatitis in cats can be treated by simply making a change in life style. Though there are situations where medication is necessary, there are always other alternative options to look at. These options usually, unlike medications, have fewer health side effects. So, if your pet is sick, make sure to always ask your veterinarian if there are alternative natural options.

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