Cat Can’t Get Over The Loss Of Her Kittens And Becomes Aggressive | Animal in Crisis EP52


A 70-year-old coupleLives with a dangerous catThey cover their faces and even wear gloves?With the tension in the air. . Opens the doorNo. Stay thereThey’re scared of. . Jjong the Sphynx catJjong is wary of the strange producerNo, she might attack youHurriedly gets out of the roomShe’s not feeling good about thisAfter being attacked, I cover my bodyThe reason why she’s living in the room isAs soon as I sit, she pounces on meAttacks my face and headShe hurt him from hereFrom my head to my ears and eyesShe started to attack them a month agoShe turned back out of nowhere and attacked meThe day when she almost got badly injuredHaru saved herHaru is #1 in the hierarchyHaru protected me when Jjong was attacking mePD/ Haru helped you? / Yes, Haru was with meWhen Haru is aroundJjong can’t attack people so easilyFrom a year ago, the elderly couple looked after JjongWho has become their familyBut starting 3 months ago,She has become aggressive, almost out of controlWe have to clean her litter box anywayWe can give her a meal through the doorBut we need to enter the room to clean the litter boxTo prepare for Jjong’s random attackThey need to wear a protection suitTo clean her litter boxAs if the couple in a protection suit looks strange to herJjong keeps looking aroundShe goes out of the room in an instantThe elderly couple even gets scared by the slightest movement of JjongJust stares at her from a distanceJjong seems to be in a good moodAs she came out for the first time in a whileThe family is relieved by seeing her acting like how she used to beBut thenJjong comes out from under the sofaThen, she starts to attack grandpa’s faceIt happened in a flashSoon afterJjong attacks the producerAs soon as Haru stops herJjong gives up on attacking himFortunately, the producer isn’t seriously injuredPD/ Her aggression is on another levelOwner/ If she doesn’t feel good, she’d attack anyone she wants toJjong is sent to the room againShe can’t calm herself down from being super sensitivePD/ Has she changed suddenly one day?Owner/ Not suddenly, but after giving birthMisfortune came upon herAhead of giving birth to 7 kittens. . One of the fetuses had an umbilical cord around her/his neckSo we decided to have her deliver kittens by C-sectionDuring surgery, she lost one of her kittensAnd lost another 3 kittens since thenSince then, she’s become sensitiveAnd started to attack her own kittensSo the kittens were sent to other families for their safety. . Owner/ I feed sorry for herSince there’s no way to solve itI pity herI’m scared of her tooFeels like I’m not actually living right nowDangerous life with Jjong. . Decides to get advice from a vet. . Vet/ Actually, I was pretty shockedBecause I’ve never seen any cat who sets a target first and then attacksWhy is Jjong so aggressive to her owners?Vet/ Firstly, it’s because of her sorrow over the loss of her kittensThe second is due to the stress caused by painAnd she thinks that her owners triggered all of themFor a short period,She had to endure all the hardships on her ownResentment and anger against her ownersMust have exploded out of the blueWhen her first kitten died, she criedShe didn’t burst into tears, but. . You know, she had sad eyesAfter seeing that, I realized that she was in deep sorrowAfter sending her kitten to heavenHer heart was deeply brokenPerhaps she needs her kittens back. . Vet/ Returning her kitten is not the best for herThe best solution is to provide her with a stable spacePut padded cushions, toys, silver vine that she’d likeTo create a space where she can feel at ease with no stressIn a comfy spaceShe’ll be treated with medicationWonder if she’d like it. . Jjong shows interestAfter taking some time to look aroundWith grandfather’s helpJjong goes into the houseLooks around as if she’s feeling awkEats food mixed with medicineAlso, plays the harp soundWhich has a calming effect on catsJjong seems to be comfortablePD/ I think she’s feeling good. I can hear her purringYeah, I hear it tooJjong~ You, me, and my husband are all going to be all rightThank goodnessThe owner touches Jjong, feeling sorryJjong accepts her touch as wellOwner/ Maybe we were in a rushWe were very anxious and thought something has to be done quicklyI’ll do anything for her improvementAnything for her. AnythingHope the family’s sincere love for JjongCould heal her broken heart. . !

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