Crazy Cat Attacks People All The Time | Kritter Klub


A cat attacking people all the timeThe Sphynx cat JjongyOwner: I’m scared of Jjongy ever since it attacked meWounds caused by JjongyAfter being completely covered upCleaning Jjongy’s roomCleaning its ears after a long timeJjongy suddenly attacks its ownerOwner: This cat is ranked first among the catsWhenever Jjongy attacks me, Haru is there to protect meHaru defends the owner against Jjongy’s attackOwner: I feel sorry for Jjongy and at the same time I’m scared of himI’m always nervous. . I shouldn’t live like thisWhy did Jjongy become violent?When Jjongy was giving birth, one of its baby had an umbilical cord around himSo we had to undergo caesarean operationBut three of Jjongy’s kittens diedThe rest of the kittens were sent for an adoption since Jjongy attacked them tooVet: I assume that Jjongy blames its owner for the separation with her babiesAntidepressant pills for JjongyA special space for Jjongy where it can calm itselfMusic therapy to regain its mental securityGrowling because it’s happyHave a happy life with your family Jjongy~

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