Cat Care After Your Death


Cat Care After Your Death

Having a pet cat is good health therapy for many cat owners but are there good ‘cat care after your death’ services? What would happen to the cat with the demise of its owner? This is where professional pet clinics can step in to offer their assistance to cat owners in caring for their pet cats after the owners die. Pet estate planning is common in many countries where there are a lot of pet lovers. Pet care centers are becoming popular across the world to provide continuous care to pets which have lost their owners.

We all love our pets and want them to be loved and cared for, but what if your pets outlive you? Can you truly count on someone to take them in or make good decisions about care? I have thought about pet estate planning quite a bit over the past couple of months. It started during an office visit I had with a wonderful client who told me he was having a surgical procedure that he might not survive. I wasn’t sure when the surgery was being performed, but a few days after the office visit, I was very sad to hear that he had died. He lived with many cats and fortunately had made plans to have his sons take care of the animals. They followed through with his wishes, but it has been a lot of work for them. Have you done any formal pet estate planning? Chances are you haven’t. What would happen to your pets if you died? If you lived alone, animal control services would pick up your pets. They would contact family to see if anyone was willing to care for the pets. If they couldn’t find someone and if your pets were adoptable, they would try to place them. If the pets were old, sick or had behavioral issues that would make placement difficult, they could face euthanasia. Think of how stressful and scary this situation could be for your pets. For this two-part article, I interviewed two attorneys, a rescue organization and two centers that offer “retirement” homes for cats. Planning for your pets’ care in your absence is something too important not to consider. “You cannot automatically count on family members to take over your pet’s care,” says Colleen McCammon, president of the Animal Assistance League of Orange County. Pet and family member health issues, other pets in the home, pet restrictions where someone lives, and pet behavior issues all complicate whether a family member could take in your pet. Although family members might come out of the woodwork when money and property are at stake when a relative dies, there is not much interest in the pets that are left behind. This reminds me …………………………………………………………………………..”

Different states/countries impose different regulations on the legalities of cat care after your death. There are legal professionals who specialize in this arena to ease cat owners’ heart and mind on the welfare of their cats after their passing away. Death is usually some unexpected event which can cause a lot of disruptions to life. It is not surprising to have cat lovers and owners making the necessary life-after arrangements for their cats with well established cat care after your death organizations to take care of their cats after the owners die.

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