How Does An Indoor Cat Get Fleas?


cat flea controlSo many cat owners are surprised to see that their indoor pet has fleas. It may seem illogical because the cat does not go out and people are used to flea problems with dogs. Unfortunately, some of the cat owners do not even realize that a cat can have fleas.

How Does An Indoor Cat Get Fleas?

Fleas can be brought into the house as they can get attached to your shoes. Also, they can get in through a screen window or if there is a neighbor cat or small animals that would reach your yard, infestations can appear. You can even end up with cat fleas as you bring the parasites home after visiting a friend’s house.

Does My Cat Have Fleas?

In most situations you will start thinking that your cat has fleas when you see her scratching too much. Unfortunately, many pets end up faced with heavy infestation because of this. You need to be aware of the symptoms so you catch the infestation in time. Here are the most common ones:

  • Scratching, biting and itching – usually around the ears, tail base and around the neck
  • Crusting – usually along the cat’s back as she is sensitive to flea bite saliva
  • Flea droppings and eggs present in bedding – the droppings are red and eggs are white
cat fleas bedding

cat fleas bedding

What Should I Do If I Think My Cat Has Fleas?

It is really easy to check for cat fleas. Slowly go through her floor and pay close attention to the areas around the neck and the tail. You will notice the fleas as they are brown, are 2 mm in length and have a flat body.

cat comb

How Can I Get Rid Of Cat Fleas?

Remember that you have to treat both the environment and the cat. You can do this at the same time. Flea cat control is possible through the use of flea combs, shampoos, sprays, a flea collar, insect growth regulators, topical treatments, powders and tablets.

  • Flea Collars

These collars are really effective in killing fleas around the neck and head of the cat. However, those that are located further down the cat’s body can survive.

  • Flea Combs

These are not so effective. They usually remove just up to 50% of the fleas. Efficiency is increased when you drown fleas right after removing them with the comb.

  • Shampoos

These include insecticides so adult fleas can be killed.

  • Powders

Although these are efficient in killing adult fleas, they can have a negative impact on the cat’s coat. Use with caution as power can also irritate the respiratory mucosa.

  • Oral Medication

Your vet can prescribe medication that would be absorbed right into the bloodstream, thus stopping the flea from laying eggs that would hatch. Medication needs to be used with other treatments since only flea infestation growth is controlled.

  • Topical Treatments

Different products are available at the moment. They are usually applied as liquid on the pet’s shoulders. Buy them from a pet product store on the internet or from your vet. In most cases  you need to apply the treatment just once per month. Always follow instructions!

  • Flea Sprays

Remember to read online reviews about the sprays before you use them. Some are really effective but others are not. Apply only when using rubber gloves and make sure the substance does not reach your mouth or eyes.

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