Cat Dental Care

Cat Dental Care

Cat Dental Care

Cat Dental Care

As with other aspects of your cat’s health, cat dental care is also important because it ensures that your cat’s teeth are healthy and strong. You should brush your cat’s teeth twice a week to remove the stains and bacteria buildup that resides on it from the food he eats. You can’t brush your cat’s teeth with the same toothpaste that people use because it isn’t safe and you can buy a pet-friendly toothpaste. If your cat doesn’t like the feel of toothbrushes, look for oral rinse sprays that you can use instead. You should also take the cat to the veterinarian every few weeks for a dental checkup.

 Examining Your Cat’s Teeth

 An important part of cat dental care is examining your cat’s teeth to determine if dental problems exist. According to the APSCA, you want to sniff the cat’s breath and if it has a strong and unusual bad odor, then it is time to take him to the veterinarian for a dental checkup or brush his teeth if you cannot get to the vet at the moment. If the cat’s gums look like they are swelling and if they have signs of brown tartar buildup, the cat may have gum disease. Other signs to look for include ulcers on the tongue, difficulty in eating and loose teeth.

Other Ways to Care for Cat’s Teeth

 Here are other good methods of cat dental care. You can buy a box of dental additives that you can put in the cat’s water bowl because the additives don’t have a certain odor or taste and they remove bacteria and plaque from the cat’s teeth as he drinks the water. Another idea is to try feeding him dry cat food since it could reduce chances of getting dental problems although some veterinarians disagree.

Cats and Gum Disease

Most cats older than two years old are likely to develop gum disease at some point in their lives and the main causes of gum disease are bad hygiene, plaque and tartar on the cat’s teeth, overcrowded teeth and food that gets stuck inside it, and heredity based on the breed of cat you have. Deep red gums are an early sign of gum disease and other signs include bad breath and difficulty in chewing. If you brush the cat’s teeth frequently, you reduce chances of gum disease in the cat. You also want to bring him to the veterinarian regularly for a dental checkup.


Your’s cat dental health is important to his overall quality of life and when you provide excellent cat dental care, the cat’s teeth will look and feel better. Before you buy certain dental products for cats, you should read reviews of them and talk to the veterinarian about the products to ensure that they are safe and effective.



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