Leukemia in Cats


Leukemia in Cats

 Leukemia in cats is actually the result of a virus in cats called Feline Leukemia Virus. This illness is so severe and contagious that many cats who develop it die within a short period of time after the diagnosis. Cats often develop this illness through contact with other cats through feces, saliva and urine. At times cats who fight with other cats or even other pets could get leukemia. Some of the signs of leukemia in cats include a gradual loss in appetite, fever, vomiting, gingivitis, pale-looking outer skin, occasional seizures and diarrhea.  Cats who spend much of their time inside are at a low risk of getting leukemia but if your cat is infected, you must keep him away from other pets so they will not be infected. You can also give your cat a vaccination so he will not be infected by another cat who has the illness.

 Tiredness is A Major Symptom

 Fatigue is another important symptom of leukemia in cats and if your cat has been lacking energy, it is time to take him to the veterinarian for a checkup. Also keep in mind that your cat’s tiredness may not be due to leukemia but rather low levels of iron in his body and in this case your veterinarian may prescribe medicine to boost his iron supply.

Breathing Difficulties and Loss of Weight

 If your cat struggles to breathe and you noticed that he lost a significant amount of weight even when you feed him daily, this could mean that he has the early signs of leukemia. You especially don’t want to ignore his breathing problems because if left unchecked, your cat could die as a result.

Natural Treatments for Leukemia in Cats

 If you are not interested in using conventional treatments for your cat’s leukemia, there are natural treatments you can use such as milk thistle, which is known to help cats’ immune systems. If there is a veterinarian that specializes in natural management of the illness, you can bring your cat there. It is important to note that there is no cure for the leukemia but the symptoms can be managed.

Conclusion: Other Steps You Can Take to Prevent and Manage The Illness

 Leukemia in cats can be prevented by keeping your cats inside as often as possible so that he will remain healthy. Never give the cat unhealthy or raw foods because this leads to the development of infections in the cat’s body that cause the leukemia. If your cat develops the illness the veterinarian may give him antiviral medicines to manage his symptoms. Finally, keep the cat’s vaccinations up to date and have him visit the veterinarian every few weeks.


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