Cat Diabetes And Vomiting


A vet talks about cat diabetes and vomiting. Interestingly the vet talks about overweight as being a cause but doesn’t talk about why cats are overweight in the first place and she doesn’t link type of diet to cat diabetes.


“It’s becoming more common because people feed cats DRY FOOD. Dry cat food is mostly carbs. In the wild, the only way cats naturally get carbs is in the belly of something they killed. We’re making Vets rich. Plus indoor cats don’t get as much exercise as they do outdoors. I stopped kibble(give a bit a few times a day, they LOVE that kibble! They must put catnip in it!) and he stopped drinking, peeing and walking on his hocks. I watch him, give him the natural form of B-12, and so far, so good.”

We agree with the statement made above and that is that the cat diabetic epidemic is mainly due to dry food and sub quality wet food. The best food for a cat is what the cat would eat in the wild. In other words small rodents, birds and mammals. The cat would also eat these whole including the skeleton. The next best thing is a good quality canned food that is high in protein and very low in carbs. Beware of  food with high carb gravy though!

The vet doesn’t talk much about cat diabetes and vomiting but there may be other underlying issues that can also cause vomiting.

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