Grooming Your Cat


Grooming Your Cat

Aside from giving your cat the best food and keeping him vaccinated to prevent diseases, grooming your cat is also important because it keeps him healthy for a long time. When grooming your cat you should do so when the cat is not fussy or irritated because it makes the grooming process difficult. The grooming session should  last no more than 15 minutes because this gets the cat frustrated. To get rid of the excess dirt off your cat’s hair and to keep it in the best condition, regular brushing of the car’s hair. Cats with short hair can get brushed once a week while those with longer hair should get brushed every day.


 About Bathing Your Cat

 An important part of grooming your cat is bathing him and when you give the cat a bath, it is important that you use a mild shampoo that is free of toxic chemicals and ingredients. The tub should have three inches of warm water when you are bathing the cat and once you finish bathing him, you would rinse him with cool water.

Nail Clipping

 When you clip your cat’s nails, you don’t have to spend a lot of time on them and it is not hard to do. Start by massaging the cat’s nails with a lubricant and this gets the cat used to having his feet touched. Then you would proceed to clip the nails one paw at at a time. Make sure you don’t clip all the way down to the paw because you could cause the paw to bleed.

Grooming The Ears and Eyes

 Another thing you want to do when your grooming your cat is take the excess wax out of your cat’s ears so that his hearing is improved. Only use a soft tool to do this and uou should wipe the area under the cat’s eyes liquid is seen on the eyes.

What If My Cat Is Too Fussy For Me To Groom?

 You don’t want the cat to sense your frustration because it only makes matters worse. Instead you’ll need to exercise patience and this sometimes means waiting until the cat is calm enough for the grooming. Another thing you should do is start with five minutes of basic grooming and if you see that the cat is fine with it, you can extend the time. If these methods don’t work, you can bring the cat to the veterinarian for grooming.


 Just like other pets, cats need to be groomed on a regular basis and while you may find it difficult to do when you first bring the cat home as a new owner, with enough practice and research it gets easier over a period of weeks.



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